Trichomes clear and cloudy

I haven’t done this before looking at trichomes. Where you think she is as far as being ready?

Having a plant picture would help also. You are looking from the side of the trich’s to look at the “bead” and “stem”. Yours look mostly clear.


Definitely got time to go imo. Look mostly clear I’m definitely going to wait until they or cloudy and have slight amber mixing in as well.

Is that on the bud or sugar leaf?

Bud. I’ll post a Bush pic.


She looks good. I think just a little while longer though. Then depends on the high your looking for, enjoy!

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Good ILGM Blog

I’ll parrot @homes here
What type of high are you looking for?
Also wicked gave solid advice and observation.
Mostly clear still, plant looks good

Very good looking lil bush you got there I agree with @Holmes a little more time but it’s definitely up to you and what kind of a high your looking for!!

great looking plants @jsanders420

wait for them to get mostly cloudy with 15-50% amber and less then 5% clear,
if u look at 20 trich’s u want 3-10 to be amber and 0-1 clear,
this is the optimum maturity, the best buzz and the heaviest buds.!

with little to no amber u sacrifice quality and weight,
over 50% amber and the weight starts to decline.


I just wanted to post a couple more pics. I had to rerun the electric so I could keep my exhaust fan on full time. Stinky!!



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