Trichome advice

Hi All,

Can I ask if you think I should wait another week or two to harvest this Barneys Blue Gelato #41?

Thanks in advance for any advice :+1:t6:


Dont quote my eyes but i think i am seeing some amber in some trichromes

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Thanks, I’ve use this but I’m just not sure if I see to many clear trichomes. I’ll most likely leave her for another week and check again :+1:t6:

I see mostly cloudy with just a bit of Amber. For my liking I think it’s ready. Good luck finishing up.


if it were mine i would chop it also but thats just my preference


If your giving her another week flush her real good w str8 ph’d water.


Thanks @kellydans you have better eyes than me! I thought it looked glassy still.

I’ll take her down in a few days :+1:t6:

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I see a shit ton of amber… she’s good in my book. Sometimes the tv is blurry tho :rofl:

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Errrrr - monitor, phone screen whatever!

Im growing in organic, bud wash and cure for 2-months so I try and avoid flushing (although I know people views are different on that topic :wink::sweat_smile:)

Thanks pal :+1:t6:

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EXACTLY RIGHT w that! Different for every1. Way 2 go on organic - good stuuff. Bud wash is very smart perm ! In twll every1 2 wash …

IMHO. It’s go time.