Trich ID issues

I can see the trichs from a phone zoom but when I use a jewelers loupe they are hard to see. It says that it’s 30x but I can’t see the cloudy vs clear ratio. I know I have a ways to go so will they be more visible as the buds grow? I’m here now. I just defoliated the yellow leaves as well.


Get something like this to look at your trichs. Loupes are horrible unless you have very good vision.

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Remember that the bottom lens will get sticky stuff on it. I forgot that and could see a bunch better when I cleaned it… :rofl:

Also changing lighting sometimes helps. Snip a little bit and look at it in non direct light


Putting lots of resources into a possible one time grow. Any other less expensive options?

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Or you could just wait until the buds look mature. Brown pistils, tired looking foliage, etc. If you don’t want to invest in something that you can see them well.


Old school still works! :+1:


If you cant drop $20 on a microscope you may want to reconsider the hobby.

I would wait 2-3 weeks, if pistols are turning brown/red and receding back into the bud then it is most likely ready for harvest.

If you want to continue growing and really figuring out what maturity you like, a 60x or 120x scope will help you to identify the trichome colors much easier. You can typically find these types of loupes for $10.

The top cola looks like it’s already receded but the bud is not that thick.

Have you touched the tops at all? Given the uneven ripening of those hairs, it appears some kind of external factor would have probably caused those to recede. I would wait until the majority of the buds have matured. To me, this meanings 80-100% of the hairs have changed color and began to recede.

I will add, it does look like your nutrient program and or environmental parameters could use some work. As you tighten up your inputs, you will see more even ripening quicker.

Not sure what to do nutrient wise. I could add a little more fish bone meal I suppose. It’s organic living super soil.