Is my White Widow auto ready for harvest. First timer

Is my plant ready? First time here don’t want to mess it up.image image

Hard to say with little info…that being said if you can get a good look at your trichs with a jewelers loop your looking for cloudy with some amber on the buds.

This should help. There is a support ticket you should fill out. Im sure one of the more experienced growers will drop in for ya. Welcome to the forum lots of good peeps here. Good luck.

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, those trichome pictures aren’t very magnified, but I do see a lot of pistols that are mature. Can you show us a picture of the whole plant, take it in complete darkness with your flash on this will give us a better picture of the whole plant. I strongly suggest buying a USB microscope from Amazon as they provide some of the best close-up trichome pictures that are shareable. Don’t forget to tag me once you upload the new images

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Hey Nicky, could you provide a link of what specifically you are referring to?

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While I will let @Nicky give you the specific link, something like this:


This will allow you to see the trichomes which is the ideal method for knowing when to harvest.

Continued success.


Just get a jewelers loupe with an led light on it and 60× zoom. 12$ on amazon. And gets you to actually look at them. USB microscopes are pointless unless you wanna take pics. Their an accessory.

You’ll spend 100+ on a USB microscope for the exact same results as a 12$ jewelers loupe.

Just amazon search USB microscope
That’s what @PP3121 did, they are all the same just get one witb a good price and a couple reviews.

@Shaggy I think you should go look at the price of jewelrs loupes vs USB microscopes lol…
Also with a loupe you can’t upload photos for all of us to see and thus get our opinion on harvest time etc

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12$ vs 120$ I did check the prices. And you can still get pics with a loupe, it’s just harder. I’ve done it before though. Plenty of others have to.
Now I’m not saying they aren’t cool. But they’re just an accessory. Plus they dont have to upload a picture and ask, they could, and go with me here, get a jeweler’s loupe, look through their scope, observe, and decide themselves after being educated on what the colors of the trichomes are if they wanna harvest. Or they can even get on here and ask and say what color they are. Most of those USB microscopes dont even have the zoom you need to check unless you do pay over 100$
I’ll stick with my 12$ loupe and keep suggesting others not waste their money if they dont have the money to spare, like me.


Yea, double checkingAmazon, if you buy any of those cheap usb microscopes, I’ll bet they’re garbage and dont actually do the zoom they say. The pics they’re showing of the zooms. A waste of money unless you wanna take cool pics. Even a cheap one is triple the price of a jewlers loupe.

Your wrong.
I have a 17$ USB microscope
Here is the exact same thing

It goes from 40-1000x zoom, it takes pictures just fine.
A loupe has minimal zoomage and you need more than the 40x loupes to see tricombs structure clearly otherwise you tend to get a pretty bland overview at 40x

I agree they could use a loupe like you and learn that way but from the experience of mentoring many peope here on the forums the best route as is follows.

Buy cheap USB microscope
Share information with member on how to check tricombs like:
Turn grow lights off, works best in low light using the light built into the USB microscope as it gives true image color.
Be sure to look at bud tricombs and not sugar leafs as sugar leafs mature much faster,
Check buds on multiple areas of the plant not just the main cola.

One of the factors that some don’t realize is
reading an information char like the one below vs reading your plants is a skill that has to be learned.
These charts focus in really well and ussualy focus on few tricombs, when in the real world you want to be able to do that but at the same time you need an overview and thus a zoomed out picture with a ton of tricombs are present is a challenge to read at first.
Even to this day I tend to post pictures of my tricombs to ensure others are seeing what I’m seeing and agree with what we are seeing.
It’s all to easy to chop to early to to late.


A 17$ scope… sounds like it’ll break when I use it. Or that it says it’s a 1000× zoom and actually isn’t. My jewlers loupe is a happy hydro with a 30× and 60× zoom. Works amazing. Even has an LED light to make sure you’re seeing clearly.
I guess we can respectfully disagree. Now, I’m not saying not to get one either, for the record. I just feel for starting you should get a cheap jewlers loupe and get the microscope later as an accessory.
I agree also though that you shouldn’t really follow the harvest chart, just figure what high you like and experiment harvesting at different times to find your preference.
Anyways, I gotta roll up a blunt
So I’m out for a bit guys.
@Nicky no hard feelings, just a respectful disagreement that really I dont think matters who’s right because both methods apparently cost the same and both work. Lol.


That’s fair yes.

I just find with all the people I have given guidance to the USB microscopes work best because they can post pictures and we can comment on them.
I’ve seen lots of people upload pictures of tricombs and say
Ready to chop what do you think?
And we are all like Um… Just starting to get cloudy Tons of clear in there… Just so your aware.

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I know what you mean. You CAN get a pic with the loupe too. It’s just harder, obviously, and you gotta have a steady hand. Lol.
My AK just started flowering. Buttons all over. I can’t wait to just look through my loupe to see some trichs forming!

I sorta want a loupe to try because for my own viewing a loupe may be good and easier to see but posting pictures with a snap and being able to zoom in so much is a God send.
I actually used the microscope to remove a metal Shaving from the girlfriends arm and a tiny sliver from my foot.

I started with the pocket microscope way a piece of junk! Lol

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If you do get yourself a loupe, get the happy hydro on Amazon for 12$
30× and 60× zoom with led lighting for both. And you can change out the batteries for it when you need to cuz it comes in a case with a little tool to change them out.
Probably the best loupe in my opinion, for the price at least.

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I’ll add it to my wish list lol

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What you state about seeing fire yourself is so true. When I first looked at the trichomes, it was amazing seeing them. Then as the grow progress, I swear they never changed. I thought it was me and lack of experience. So what happened… yup, chopped too early! First grow = building knowledge base.

Now I look at my stragglers, Northern Lights, and I clearly see cloudy trichomes! Learning!

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