Transplanting new girls

The plants are 2 black widow photos from ILGM and a bag seed that will probably go Male on me but that’s at a later date. Question for the group…I want move them to there 5 gal fabric pots they are all 30 days from sprout. Previously I have kept them on the 18 and 6 schedule that they are currently on. I’m wondering if I could take them out and just go directly to a 12-12 schedule and go from there. Can I shave a few weeks off the grow or should I continue for another few weeks in veg on 18 and 6 and then go 12 and 12.

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Yeah plants are definitely ready for the transplant. Personally I would stick with 18/6 to get a bigger plant and a better yield. You can flip to 12/12 anytime after plant shows maturity.


Not ideally, to much stress.
Kelly update your avatar! Lol


I’m having problems uploading pictures not been able to upload a picture in months. Are they some basic ones I can choose from.


If your having trouble uploading pictures reach out to a mod to get that fixed my friend.
Try on a different device? You might even be able to send them a link to an image you want to use and they can do it for you but ideally your forum experince should be working fully.

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When I click down at the bottom on the picture symbol nothing happens.

Click on your profile in the top right go to preferences.

Then it should look like this.

Then click the pencil beside the picture

Yeah that’s exactly the upload button I’ve been hitting and nothing happens.

Firewall? Popup blocker?
Try on a different device?

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Thanks for the help , I’m going to keep digging into it till I figure it out.


Yes and now I know how to change an avatar.

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Update the browser on you phone/computer and try again…

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