Transplanting from jiffy pot to 1 gallon pot to outside

Can I place the young plant in a jiffy seed pod, into a 1 gallon pot with the substrate i will be planting it in, then cut the bottom out when high enough and transplant outside in the same soil? This is an autoflower

I use fabric pots. This year I found these little quart size bags. I put my new seedling or clone in the little pot for a month then drop that (pot and all) into a larger pot. The roots will grow through the fabric into the next pot. Depending on the plant and what I’m doing with it, a 2-3 gallon pot is sufficient. If I’m putting the plant outside, I place that pot into a 10 gallon pot. In the case of my larger indoor grows, the pot will be placed on top of a 10 gallon pot.


Ok, I’ll be putting the smaller right into the prepared soil, I want it to root into the ground out back. You don’t think I can use the 1 gallon pot with the bottom cut out to place into ground for rooting?

I’d take it completely out of any plastic pot. That being said, autos should be placed into their final home right after the seedling stage. This cuts down on any shock the plant goes through because of replanting.

FYI Using the fabric pots the way I do there is zero stress to the plants. You can even place them straight into the ground.

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Thanks for the help,the roots will grow through the fabric

I do kinda like @oldmarine place old pot in new pot. Set soil. Water soil. Remove old pot, transplant from there to new pot.

Ull have a perfectly sized hole to drop her into if done correctly


So it isn’t a good idea to use a paper composite pot with seedling and just cut the bottom out and bury? Just trying to cut down on handling the auto to much.

That’s a great idea. If it’s paper there is no need to cut the bottom out of it.

To be clear their are many ways to do this and you will encounter many people doing many different things. What works for me may not work for you. I’m basically lazy and I am always on the look out for time saving efforts.

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Thank you oldmarine. Like many say there is way to much info to sort through. Im starting in a tent and then planting directly in prepared soil mix outside in the ground. This is my first time, so ill see what happens. Any other tips are greatly appreciated.

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