Transplanting, cropping and LST, andfeeding

FNG Cletus here. When can I transplant from 1 quart container to 7 gal fabric pot? Do I go by age, height or # of nodes? Do cotyledons and 1st single set of leaves count as nodes?
2. Can Autos be topped, if so when? Can LST be used- when? Can both techniques be used at same time? Should I keep me girls tied down till harvest?
3. When should I start feeding nutes? Seven gal containers to be 1/2 HF and 1/2 OF. Currently in H F.
Thanx, appreciate any help anyone can give me! Cletus


Welcome to the community. You are at the right place to get answers to all your questions. I can tag a few of the professional for you. @PurpNGold74 @MeEasy @MrPeat


Welcome to the community.

I don’t transfer personally. But in all fairness I have HLG lights. So my plants respond nicely. I also grow on a 12/12 from start to finish.

Topping Autos can lead to a lot of problems due to they do what they want, when they want. You don’t have the luxury if problems arise like you do with Photoperiods.

Some growers here do train Autos.

Brand new FF soil is good for 4 to 6 weeks before you need to feed nutrients.


Welcome Cletus to the forum community. The bergman guide i believe and most sources I’ve seen online say if you’re in say solo cups, that when the leaves are large enough that they’re starting to just reach the sides of the cup the root development should be big/strong enough to transplant. Some, go right into their forever homes as what every source i’ve seen on Autos say you should do on first transplant after germination. Some germinate and plant right into those forever homes as i believe @MrPeat was saying he does. There’s lots of methods the main things is CAREFUL transplanting and deciding do you want to possibly stress them and stunt growth further on a plant on a “super clock timeline of it’s own” like autos do or just transplant straight to that forever home, let it grab it’s feet spreading roots out in the new home and take off and thrive? A lot will come down to personal preference and choice and experimentation if you have the desire (and extra beans, lol) to try such things. Good luck, happy growing!! You’re in a WONDERFUL place to pick brains of WELL knowledgeable and experienced growers :slight_smile:

  1. Im with @MrPeat (even tho i SUCK at growing autos so grain of salt with my advice). But I dont like transplanting autos. Most ill do is a solo cup to a 3 or 5 gallon. And thats it.

  2. They can. Most I see top them just after the 5th node. LST is my recommendation for autos tho. Like I said at first, i am horrible at growing them. LST recovers faster. Sounds like ur a new grower, so I wouldnt top tbh. Get to know ur strains.

  3. 7 gall pots with HF and OF? You wont need to feed for a good while. Im thinking 6-8 weeks. Or the start of flower. Whichever is first. Listen to ur plants. No one size fits all.


Growing Autos is fun. I never train my Autos. I never transplant Autos either. I will also say that 12/12 on Autos ruins the amount of weight you get. People will say differently, but from my experience 12/12 for Autos suck.

Transplant shock is real. The reason I don’t transplant is because sometimes they grow, sometimes they die. Depends how bad the shock is. I started helping mom in the garden when I was a wee lad. Bigger the plant, the more risks you take.

I used to transplant but I also lost plants. When put in their Forever home, you don’t have to worry about shock. A good light also helps minimize problems.

It all comes down to experience and what works for you. I have my Grow technique dialed in. You will too.

We all had a Learning curve because we all had our first time growing marijuana with zero experience. It took a couple grows by trial and error when I finally dialed in. You will too.


@MrPeat if 12/12 sucks for autos, what schedule do you think is beneficial? I have 1 auto growing now, but a good handful of beans for the cold season (I am new also, but doing pretty well with photos IMO)
And yes @Cletus this is the place to be for info, people here have helped me alot, even with my stupid questions lol

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I would do either 18/6 or 16/8. :+1::+1::+1:


I’ve been doing 16-8, was hoping it wasn’t wrong lol

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That is fine…:+1::+1::+1:

Thanx everyone! Appreciate ur advise, probly be hearing from me soon with more ?'s. Surely will draw upon ur acquired knowledge. Yes I am an FNG(F’n New Guy) Cletus

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Hi! I’m beyond new to growing (first one - from germ, a month ago - pics are as of today). Sorry, for any dumb questions, but figured i’d hit u first with a few :slight_smile:

  1. I don’t even smoke, but doing this for my brother to enjoy and maybe I’ll change my mind on smoking it.
  2. Doing a full indoor grow (5 total) w/lights/fans/heater - Not sure what White Widow is in auto flower, non auto, etc. - all plants are about 18inches from the light (runs about 2x4 for growing area)!


  1. I was wondering when to transplant to the black containers (pic) w/my Frog’s reg. dirt
  2. Bought a bunch of stuff and have no clue when to even start feeding (waiting for my ph stuff still). Yep, I’m new.
  3. Attached pics of my wall thermostat w/deets - paying I have this right.
  4. Praying this is worth the flower/harvest. lol - if anyone sees this, advice would be rad, as the struggle is real.

other pics


Hi, welcome to the forum community :slight_smile: NICE guitar collection!! Looks like you’re off to a good start on your grow. Following along for the ride :slight_smile:
shouldn’t need nutes for first 6 weeks if i understood your post correctly that you’re in Happy Frog soil?
You’re in a WONDERFUL place for advice. Sometimes you get conflicting as people’s styles are different but ASK ASK ASK whatever you feel you need to know. NO ONE here will treat you in an ugly way about it, this place if FULL of awesome and experienced folks who want to see you succeed :slight_smile: Happy Growing

EDIT* ps, you have cool art too :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! Do you know, in looking at the two bigger ones taking off, should I transplant now to their perm home of the 5 gallons or just the larger of the 4? Everyone in the house is so excited for where they are at with being an indoor, Montana cabin, regulated, that I think they will flip if I screw up the transplant. lol


& thank you for the compliments. Was in the music industry for MANY years!


The bigger one in the back for sure. Usually the “general rule” (not really a rule, just a suggestion) is when the fan leaves start overhanging the outer edge (become wider than that diameter) it’s probably a good time to transplant :slight_smile: If those are AutoFlower plants you want to do it ONE time (transplant) so it doesn’t stunt them as they are “on a clock” of their own in growth/flowering no matter what light and how long you throw at them :wink:

I’ve never been “in the music industry” but i’ve played guitar since i was 14 (50 now :slight_smile: ). Love admiring folks’ collections :slight_smile:

EDIT* NICE, on the MT cabin. My mother and sister are TRYING to talk me into moving there, lol. Evidently you can get a HUGE spread of land for cheap, low taxes, and other “perks” but i’m pretty settled in my mountain home here in VA along this river. It’d take something quite enticing to make me wanna leave here (or something really bad happening here God forbid)

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u da best! ya, i was with warner bros. records and those are my husband’s. i tried, but it seems with my ear, i’m a bass player. drop d - HARD. hahha


Oh i have my share of songs to drop tune to D on :smiley: used to LOVE rattling stuff off the shelves in my parents’ house. They’re yelling (usually BEATING on the door cause no one could hear yelling :smiley: ) to TURN IT DOWN!!! and i’m like , ummm, that’s 1.5 and it goes to TEN!!! wanna hear 7??? LOL :smiley:

Be careful with that Mars hydro fan. I tested a couple for Mars and they had to replace both. Sounds loud, and wobbly. If this happened reach out to customer service. It’s a new product and they are sending warnings out with them.
I’m now using them as inline duct fans and they make me nervous.

Also go light on the FF dry nutrients. They are very aggressive. Half of what they call for.