Transplant while hardening?

Hi Guys

I’ve been hardening my plants since Monday, on Day 5. Last night was the first night where I had LED lights go off for 5 hours. Some of these ladies look ready to transplant, but I’m wondering if I should wait and do a few more days with the reduction of LED light at night or just transplant and leave outdoors. My hardening regimen has been adding an hour every morning and then at 11am they go under a sun screen. Then adding more light in the evening sun.

Those plants are big enough you don’t need to acclimate them. Transplant!

FYI: hardening usually refers to the plant at flower. The stem becomes too stiff to bend.


Thank you, I guess I mean harden OFF?

Maybe he means hardening off…

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that is correct.

Does anyone know about the night lighting reduction? Can I just leave these outside after transplanting or do they need to be under lights still? I’m in Southern California, so the days are about 14 hours right now.

Thank you

@stickynicky hey man I have nothing constructive to add to this topic but I’m wondering what strain that is? Those are the broadest leaves I have ever seen lol

haha no problem, that is blue dream in the up close picture, there are 3 blue dreams and 2 gorilla glues, the smaller plants are other strains. All seeds ILGM

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@Big123 is up by Sacramento but is a wicked outdoor grower. Hopefully he’s around and can respond.

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They look ready, what light cycle have you had them on?

I have only started autos indoor and put outside in the Spring, I have not it tried with photos.

They have been under 100 watt LED when they are not in the sun. Day 4 was the first time I turned the lights off for 5 hours at night. Was planning to leave them outside tonight, but worried that may stress the plants. I transplanted them into 5 and 7 gallon containers, so am I pinched for space if I go back indoor. But will gladly do it to keep the girls happy.

One of my 5 gorilla glues has super fat broad leaves like that unlike the others