Transplant Shock? Unsure, droopy lower canopy

hey everyone, just transplanted these 2 tropicana cookie photos on thursday,4 weeks in today. They went into 3 gallon fabric pots in FFOF with super soil mixture in the bottom 1/3 of the pots. I pruned roots just a bit on the bottom and added myco as well. Any idea what this deficiency could be and how to fix? I’m being told possible nitrogen deficiency, any input would be appreciated.

thanks growmies.

Looks a bit like transplant shock. Was she water in after transplant?

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Watered after yes, didn’t go crazy on the watering. I kind of assumed it was just transplant shock as well, but its only gotten worse in the last few days and they aren’t quite ready for water again, soil is still pretty moist, and pots are still heavier. One is perking up much more than the other as well (I think pics show that)

Then they’ll bounce back at their own pace. You say you used mykos? That’s the kitty litter looking stuff?

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Great White mycorrhizae, just a different brand of myco so yeah same thing pretty much

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Great white is the only thing I use since it’s a fine powder and sticks to the root ball and transplant hole walls really well.

That’s odd. I don’t run into transplant shock with great white. Did you sprinkle it on the hole walls and root ball?

This is what the mykos brand looks like. And I have run across transplant shock with it. That’s why I asked

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I sure did, exactly that actually lol

Must be a picky plant. She’ll recover.


I’ll keep an eye out, thanks brother!

So you cut her toes off and wonder why she’s limping? I’d say transplant shock!
When I transplant mine, I bury a similar container in the new medium and make a mold of it, then drop the girl right in. Fits like a glove, no shock at all. See below!


I did the same when I transplanted by making the mold of the solo cups they started in. Likely overthinking it and it is just transplant shock cause the top canopy seems to be doing fine and making its way, just not the lower canopy. Just wanted some input from some pros, thank you growmie!

Bigfoot mycorrhiza is a powder and expensive but working for me.

Recently bought some other brand also.