Tower oscillating fans for circulation in 48x48x80 grow tent

Wanting to know if anybody has used oscillating tower fans and how they liked them

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I actually do use a tower fan hung up in my flower room has been in constant use for years now well worth the cost imho
I removed the base so it hung flush to wall
They will actually move more air then a standard blade fan cause the have a blower wheel also they tend to be less noisy

I also use a Honeywell tower air cleaner with electronic filter in my grow rooms this helps move air and keep it clean lol

I use these
the air cleaner is expensive and not needed FYI I just like to keep my air as clean as possible

I also use one of these in my basement where my grow rooms are located

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I like the great air flow and small footprint

This is also a great fan…
Does a great job simulating the outside breezes with random wind patterns.
Be aware neither of these will keep the setting and continue if power is lost. Need to manually set it back I believe.

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That’s pretty interesting! I’m about to throw in a commercial dehumidifier as I live in a former swamp and we get a ton of snow. My sump can and runs every 1-2 minutes. Causes a lot of issues in my basement.

Portable units are trash and don’t last 6 months with the pumping action. I saw these that your using and thought about using them too. How often do you run it?


I run the fan almost constantly to be honest
I run two 60pint dehumiders as well in my basement on pumps so I can set them and forget them I maintain 55% humidity in my basement and have a intake fan in veg room that pulls drier air into it and exhaust out into main basement
I also have a ac unit / heat in basement for those really hot days and or cold days where I maintain 76 degrees
In my flower room I have the second dehumidifier set for 40 percent which I will adjust as needed lower in late flower
I also have intake and exhaust in flower room which I recycle air back into main basement
I don’t exhaust outdoors I use carbon filters on exhaust fans and my air scrubber zero smells

By recycling the air I can control heat better in winter and cooling in summer

Being in the basement is a big savings for heating and cooling but humidity during summer is a killer dehumidifiers run a lot but hey nothing is worse then loosing a crop to bud rot lol


I also use a tower fan in one of my tents and worjs great and as @Countryboyjvd1971 said, much quieter and move good amount.of air