Suggestions for oscillating fans for 5x5

Hello everyone, I’m sure many can relate to this when I say “ I am so tired of buying fans!” I’ve must have bought 6 or 8 of them this year and they all suck and break eventually. The last one I bought was a hurricane which was nice but Ofcourse I bought the 16” and it’s just too big for my 5x5. So I wanted to ask the community what they suggest for fans for a 5x5 space I really would like to buy something that will last and I’m willing to spend a little extra for quality. Thanks everyone !


I use tower fans which fit in the corners of the grow space. Bought a couple of them at the thrift shop too. They also oscillate.


Have you tried the ac infinity clip on fan that oscillates?
Probably the best bet but i pretty much guarantee the oscillating part will fail in time. I just run 4 hurricanes non oscillating.


What size hurricane, I’m considering just doing that cause the oscillating part is what fails every time.


I got 4-6" hurricanes and one 8inch desk fan on floor blowing straight up in the middle

In our 4x4, we put 2 of these:

I’ve on the ceiling of the tent, and they move air great and are out of the way. Sure they are overkill, but they are on low. And were not $85 at time of purchase.

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I purchased an air purifier on amazon for the drying room. It sits on the floor and draws air in from the top and bottom and blows it out 360 degrees. It filters out mold and dust and has a UV light that kills something or other. I put it in the center of my 5x5 on low. Kinda expen$ive.

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I have one of those in my 5x5 same size and it’s too big. I’ve been using it for a while and the air flow is good the oscillating feature just broke on it and I can’t lower my lights low enough because of it and honestly it’s been too big from the gecko

High @matty777 I have a tower oscillating fan that works great and the AC Infinity 6” clip on fans that just came out are awesome. Remains to be seen how long their lifespan will be though. Good luck and happy hunting!!