Topping off with nutrients

Im using AN w/b52, voodoo, big bud, and overdrive. Its a hydro/aero hybrid with between 8-10 gal of nutrients in the tank at any given time. Water temp between 65-68 at all times. They are in week 4 of flowering.

Now that they are starting to bud they are sucking up water like crazy. Im confused on whether im supposed to be adding proper amount of nutes to each gallon i top off with, half, or some other strength.

AN told me to top off with 50% nute strength, between res changes, but i dont know if they mean 50% of the total strength of the whole tank, or 50% of what would be full strength per that gallon.

Doesnt it make more sense to just add full strength per gallon since thats what id be doing when i change the res anyway?

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Most people change out their res once a week and do top offs in between. Most important thing is to have the proper ph and ppm in your solution for the stage your plant is at. I wouldn’t be starving flowering plants. If they are drinking a lot, it’s because you have things dialed in and your plants are liking what they’re getting :call_me_hand:t3::v::bear:


Thanks. I do change out once a week and have a daily log for ppm/ec/ph/temp…im just not sure about how much nutes to add to the water im topping off with. If i add 1 gallon of distilled water do i add full strength (per gal) to that gallon?

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I would make sure that after you top off, your nutrients are in the recommended range for that stage of flower. Every nutrient line is different with this, so just get it back to the ppms it was at when you mixed the res for the week. That could be 50% or full strength depending on how much your plants are eating


Appreciate it