Topping Autoflowers?

Just topped one of the girls I have going, this is my first time growing, and I was very timid about even putting my hands on her, but I think I did it correctly?

I just softly spread the top 2 leaves that were forming around this top and gently popped it off with my fingers, bending it slowly until pop.


There are 2 main camps when it comes to training autos. 1 says NEVER top or FIM or so anything that would cause more stress than LST. The other says do anything to an auto that you would do to a photo, just get it done before they start flowering.

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Lol yes, I’ve been reading. I have 4 going so I figured I’d give it a try on one. This is her…


My next big auto run I plan to try 4 different methods. Mild LST, top and LST, FIM and LST, and manifold or mainline.

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I have that trellis netting stuff, how does that work exactly, do you just use it to support the heavy bud branches by letting them grow through the squares, or do you bend the stalks under the net and use it to give light to as many bud site as possible?

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Just my o2. I have seen the manifolds done. If you are talking about a LST there. Works fantastic. If you are thinking more like a main line. Well, after doing a photo. I doubt an auto would get very big. @Nicky is good at fimming. For me. I only top autos. My fims never come out and that is about the only way I found for me to stall an auto. I would be happy to tag a long though :grin: I used the trellis net similar to a scrog on an AK-47 auto. For as large as the squares are. It is best used for support of the branches. A true scrog would help you more. This was my AK

With a true scrog. You will start more like this. Tucking branches

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Nice reply Brian, and we are going to get you to FIM next grow! Lol.

Congrats on your top🔝 you did it nice and early so that’s an upside.

One thing not mentioned yet that should be is that your growing environment has alot to do with the success of your autos. Your medium has alot to do with the success of your auto and the methods you use to train it.
If your in soil the best thing for an auto is to LST it (low stress train) because soil takes alot of time and energy from the plant to extract nutrients and grow through the roots, also a reason why 30% perlite is minimal what your soil to perlite ratio should be. Cannabis like airey mediums. A FIM can also be done but you should know how to grow and have a dialed in environment before you fim your plant in order to avoid stunting it, it can totally be done with good results though.

Now if your in coco you have more flexibility because your plants will grow with more vigor, this is when you can top,fim, SCOG, mainline etc

Overall I do suggest a FIM rather than a top. Topping is a high stress method and it give you two main colas where as if a FIM is done correctly then it is a medium to high stress method but you produce 4 main colas (risk vs reward). A good fim will help your plant produce growth hormone due to the stress you caused it and will grow big and strong.

The camp of people that say don’t do anything to an auto but lst either don’t grow autos, haven’t grown quality auto genetics or don’t have a quality setup/ arnt good growers lol.


I’m on day 20, started doing some light LST to this lady today and I watered a day early because the soil was so dry it was cracking open a bit. I usually water 4 to 500ml every 3 days. After I watered her, her top 2 leaves started drooping slightly. Did I shit the bed?![20200904_000740|690x434] (upload://cwUVwQPwnWWqzVgAQWWmUMWdMIL.jpeg) I also watered them with ph water at about 6.3ish 250ml water 250ml compost tea mixed together. Checked ph after mixing with compost tea. Growing in a mix of 1lb Natures Living soil autoflower concentrate to 5gal of roots organic.

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