Topping Auto plants?

Should you? I topped two out of 4 and the 2 not topped are doing better. What is the opinion of the group?

I just topped mine the other day and it recovered almost immediately. This is the first time I’ve ever done it and so far it seems like the thing to do. I was considering topping them a second time later to get 4 main stems.

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Timmy if you top again do it quickly, these go into flower pretty quickly.
I’m growing OG Kush autos and I read that they don’t like to be topped and are happy with just some main shoots to from big flowers. From what I can see with mine 2 topped 2 not topped, the not topped are doing better. This beauty should be ready for harvest in about a week.


Don’t do it unless you know the strain or it’s known to have a long veg period. Topping slows down growth for several days, which you don’t want to do with autos. The extra tops don’t really make up for the lost time.

Low Stress Training can get you great results, though. This includes using the ScrOG method, without topping.


Topping of autos needs to be precise and timely. As pointed out above, most have a limited veg time. And in some cases the stress can trigger them to flower prematurely too.


I topped one of my BBA and it recovered well and I have a plant that is about 18” tall and nice budsites. The other three I’m letting go natural to compare them. It seems like the BBA was a slow starter anyway. I topped it at about 2 weeks. I also put 2 in airpots and they are noticeable bigger in size.

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I agree with not topping autos. I topped 2 out of 4 and I think the 2 I topped had just started going into flower and I set them back. The ones I didn’t top are doing a lot better. BTW, my plants are OG Kush autos. They doing have some nice buds on the untopped, the topped ones are catching up.

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I’ve done both for white widow autos and found my untopped plants were bigger and fuller. I don’t have a final bud weight comparison, but I didn’t feel they were too far off though


Right now I have 4 OG Kush, 2 topped and 2 not topped. The not topped are bigger at this point but the others are catching up (some). I love the autos and will grow again definitely. Very simple. I had one white widow auto and that was not topped and I got 1 oz of buds and probably another of leaves. I think the OGAs will produce much more plus I have 4 of them.

I am about 3 weeks from harvest on this plant and noticed a couple leaves that have spots on them. Anyone know what my girl needs? Up to know very healthy and other leaves look fine. I want to figure out what I did wrong.

Without a bit more info, such as medium type, nute schedule, pH in/out, and ppm in/out, we can only guess.

Looks like you have a secondary nutrient deficiency, like Calcium or Magnesium. If the edges turn yellow with those spots, you might have a Potassium issue, as well.

I am not a master diagnostician, so by all means, seek a second opinion.

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Thanks, yes I didn’t give a lot of info on medium etc. I use Fox Farms Grow Big nutes and add a teas. of Cal-Mag to each gallon of water. PH is around 7. Grow medium is 707. It is only those two leaves at this point but I was surprised to see those two.

PH is around 7? What does your meter say?

The meter from the water with nutes added is 7.4 (I know is high), I also add 2 teas of PH down, I am afraid to add too much of that because it seems happy at that PH. I have a soil meter but I don’t trust that as much.

Based on the spots I don’t agree that your plants are happy. I’m saying a cal/mag lockout from the pH. I would flush it down to 6.5. Are you following the flush schedule with the FF nutes. From what I understand it is crutial with there nutes. I don’t use them but from my reading it seems to be true.

Thanks Familyman, I thought "happy’ because the rest are fine, but probably headed down the same road as those two leaves. They have been very green and healthy looking. This is my first tent grow with soil (707 and Promix HP, no actual topsoil.

I think you might be right on the Cal-Mag, I have not used it before and I use it al feedings. I don’t know what you mean by the flush schedule with the FF nutes, I wasn’t aware.

There is only about 21 days left so I’m not too worried about these but will be a good lesson for future grows.

I think they recommend a flush every 2 weeks.

I’ll flush them this weekend!

I never did top mine a 2nd time, but they recovered just fine from the first time. The bubblegum auto I think I actually FIMd by accident when I went to top it.

see the growing leaves in the very middle? My OG Kush has a stump there where I topped it.

Timmy, they look good, you topped them early enough to recover before flowering. I have OG Kush growing too, maybe 3 to 4 more weeks before harvest.