Topping;;any thoughts

Get some rest brother. Hope that you sleep well :v:

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With the herb of the divine I don’t partake in the drinking anymore. I find that smokers are better to deal with than those drink. We all have our vices and what ever works for you is the best.


This is where you top my friend…


Now in this one here I just wanted to show you where they were topping

But at the 5th I suppose you could make a clone out of it.

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@garrigan62 The “top here” and “FIM here” lines are switched in the lower pic.

Too right fim is incorrect, fim is an acronym for fuck I missed. It comes from the topping technique where they wouldn’t take enough of the top off and just skim some of the newer growth off the plant instead of the whole top.

Think the picture has them switched up

You know what, I have used this pic for who knows I ow long and never noticed that nor told.
To bad it isn’t a baseball card. A miss print could be worth a lot of money. Lol

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Thanks to all with there knowledge. The photo was excellent in showing what to do.


My rule is grow 5 nodes. Top at 3rd. Cut everythimg but the top and its leaves.

I know this is a bit of an old post and I’m new to growing but from what i read u should wait til after the 4th node i did one of mine after the 3rd its kept it short but depending on the strain it could shock it severely or die and as for pruning think of ur leaves as solar panels and they are what makes the food for ur plants (sugar) and are very important for the grow so do as little as possible only prune leaves when necessary even the smaller leaves and lower ones with what little light they receive can help with the most important development of the plants thanks :blush: