How many times do you top?

I know you can pretty much top as much as you like but just trying to figure out what would be ideal kinda looked around forums but couldn’t get actual numbers lol. I feel like me switching lights to the QB’s is going to limit my height a bit. I thought about scrogging but with me only having access to 1 of my tent doors I think I’m just going to do top and do some LST with this only being my 2nd grow I believe super cropping and other high stress training methods should be avoided until later down the road


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I am minority here for sure, but I really don’t top plants at all. I grow a lot differently than most though too. I don’t like to invest a lot of veg time into my plants. Instead of topping and waiting for recovery and taking the time to veg out large plants, I keep them relatively small and just run more plants to fill my space.

It’s not ideal for some people to grow this way, but over the course of a year it’s cheaper and I can get an extra harvest or two in.


Do you do perpetual grows? And no it quite smart if I had to the room I would probably do the same thing lol I did almost think about buying a 2md tent and using my 2 blurple lights for veg lol but I think my chick would murder me

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I top them for a clone, that’s about it. I use deep penetrating reflectors on light movers to saturate lower growth. Not to be confused, I do remove all scraggly growth the plant produces throughout its entire life cycle, I let the plant make those determinations.


Yes, having a separate veg space helps a lot. But you don’t necessarily need a separation space to follow a similar model. Starting plants from seed it takes them about 4-5 weeks to mature enough to flower. At that point you could put plants on flowering schedule without any major hangups or delays. They wouldn’t be large plants as to compare with something like 8 weeks veg and multiple toppings, but you can fit more plants in your space. Would probably take a couple of grows to get a handle on how to fill your space properly, but it’s pretty easy after that.


Yeah that could Definetly work. Issue with that is I would really need to learn how to make seeds. You would go through them so fast

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I’m like most others here, and I’ve never had more than 8’ of height to work with. I’ve topped for height; I also like topping for structure.

I haven’t grown cannabis under LED yet. Other people report LED has less light penetration through the canopy than HID. To be sure I’ll be using my meter to confirm, but I’ll probably use topping and training to create a more even canopy in my large plants.

My preference is for SOG, and topping just isn’t an issue there IMO.

Ok cool thanks for the input seems like the amswer just comes from experience and your needs vs just the number of times. So i guess I’ll just have to jump in and experiment

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@dbrn32 have you ever thought about using clones only?

They would come into your tent with the ability to go straight to flower everytime.

This would save you a month everytime in your grow cycle. Giving you 4-5 harvest for each area

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@KeystoneCops COB lighting in my opinion has better light penetration into the lower canopy.
I have two tents, both with different lighting, the lower growth takes off in the tent with the COB LED’s when I move them.

I don’t typically top either, in fact I don’t recall ever topping.
I do typically do some LST, or super cropping, but I never top. I like my main cola, especially from seed. There’s ways to get the lower flowers to still receive light if you stunt the main cola enough to allow the lowers to catch up. @Dushin91


That is typically how I grow.


So would you recommend me trying to do something like a super crop rather than the topping?

Following along, and I’m not sure who you’re addressing, but you definitely could try super cropping instead of chopping it off. @Dushin91
I usually chop off all of the lowers and make clones with them. They never amount to much anyways.

Well my goal is to have big bushy plants with many tops so I guess I’m looking for the optimal way of doing this my last grow I had about 8-12 tops on each plants but I did not really optimize my space and had plenty to go and ent from July-December. Granted I had a scrappy light then. Just want to explore my options and find the best way to get the results I would like

You could super crop each top to make them grow outward a bit. @Dushin91

Yeah I was asking if you would rather me super crop vs topping @Covertgrower

It’s definitely something worth looking into. @Dushin91

I stated the fall with 3 seeds that turned into nice plants. Approximately halfway through flowering I dropped 4 more seeds. These seeds have been in my veg tent minding their own business while the others continued flowering. My last fall plant was harvested on Tuesday and the new ladies moved into the flowering tent.

The first 3 were topped and had lst done to them. So far I have no complaints with topping. All the plants topped provide two nice buds on top thanks to the procedure. This round I fim’d my 3 photos and topped my auto, I know not suppose to, I rolled the dice and it is paying off right now.

I will be dropping more seeds I 4-5 weeks to get ready for my spring run.