Top or Fim ? Did I do this correctly?

Noogie not boogie lol. When u top leave a part of the stem stick upward will help hold together at the split. My bad.


A noogie is between a thingymajig and a whatchamacallit


I gotcha. I’m debating on topping , fimming or just letting these girls do their thing in my next 2. Any thoughts? 2nd grow. First ine got a one fat cola but im looking to even it out.

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These will be ready in a couple weeks

Damn this all bud. Nice job here looks a bit weird but damn it’s all bud. Lol

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Yeah it was my first grow and the internodes were super tight bc I had the light too close so I had to do a lot of defoliation. Too much , admittedly. :sweat_smile:

I’ll get probably 3 oz from that one but I’m looking to get a qp feom each one is my goal.

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