Top leaves drooping?

New growth seems to be good, the droopy leaves are staying curled but don’t seem to be getting any worse

The old growth that is looking bad you can take off, then see if the new growth does it over time or it could just snap out of it. Hope it’s still doing better!

Plastic pot. Harder to get watering right with any plants. Cloth will regulate more. Since no big issue yet i would almost dry her then 3/4 soak with some new life. Underwater is better than over. Over drowns the girl then done. Underwatering can typically recover every time. Just my thoughts.

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She seems to be coming back now I’m only watering every 2 days


Nice! Hope your flowering is bountiful!

I use Plant Warrior pots. They are damn near impossible to screw up. Cloth has never appealed to me. I have seen them work, just not for me.

Growing in soil, you may want to look into SIPs (sub-irrigated planters) in the future…takes away most of the hassle and guesswork of adequately watering soil in pots/buckets.

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Looks root bound.