Top is fine, bottom leaves are dying. help?

A question from a fellow grower:

I just started flowering my blueberry seeds and I have some questions I was hoping you’d be able to answer. I’m attaching some photos of the plant, and as you can see, the pistils and calyxes are growing fine on top. Also as you can see, the bottom leaves are dying. I trimmed the lowest leaves before my last repotting and topped the plant to get a higher yield from my colas. I don’t know what to do about these bottom leaves. I gave the plant food yesterday, and am hoping the leaves will bounce back with the proper nutrients. If they don’t, though, what should I do? Should I clip them? I know it’s bad to trim during flowering, but I don’t want the plant to be trying to support a dying part of the plant.

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Did you ever get reply on problem

Thanks for bumping this one up @tameka, I seem to have missed this one.

The tops of this plant look relatively very healthy. I might be seeing, maybe only a bit of over watering swell in the leaves?

The lower small leaves, those that are totally overshadowed from the larger leaves and foliage above and not getting much light, they will be pruned by the plant itself, and yellow and wither away, if this is the case you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Also, those leaves should practically fall off on their own, or at the slightest tug.

And yes, you don’t want the dead foliage lying around attracting critters or disease, so feel free to dispose of those leaves.

This just a normal reaction by the plant. I find that the plant uses up parts of itself, when necessary. That leaf may have just been low and deprive3d of light; So it died off, as if, over watered.

In middle to late bloom, this will happen more often as the plant uses the stored Nitrogen in the leaves.

I did not mean to imply that over watering was the cause of this leaf dying off.

It was just a side note of concern. But if they are being over watered, it looks like not too often, as the plant does look really healthy otherwise.

There is just the slightest bit of yellowing at the tips of the healthy leaves, so this might be something to be a little concerned about and keep an eye on. I’d be a little worried about giving it too much plant food. Those yellowing/browning leaf tips could be pointing to a “nutrient burn” or too much nutrients problem showing up just around the corner.

Hi im new here can anyone give me any advice as to what my plants in my pics may need? I just started using nutrients 2 weeks in

A plant that small doesn’t need nutrients yet, it appears to be suffering from burn due to the nutrients

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How many weeks in should i be waiting to give nutrients? And if i dont add anymore should it correct itself? Thanks for your feedback

This is her now a couple days after last pic i posted

Good Morning BrianD,

Looks like they’re coming along okay and no issues. I do have some questions.

What type of soil are you using? Brand ect. Depending on your medium you may not need nutrients for 30 days or more. My past few grows I used/am using fox farms ocean and it’s a hot soil. I’m about 45 days in from seed and only this week started using nutrients.

What nutrients are you using?

Remember when watering you want to make sure the soil has mostly dried out. A plant that size won’t need much.

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Too rich or “hot” of soil can be too much for seedlings as well.

Not until about 3-5 nodes and 3 to 5 sets of true leaves.

Here’s a great guide:

Happy growing,

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That’s an excellent guide @briand41 it would be worth your time to read it

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Thank you for the messages and link so im actually using fox farm oceanforest soil and i agree its very rich im unfamiliar with autos and auto fems and this is my 1st one and i stopped the nutrients and now only a day or 2 later its looking much better im going to read the guide you sent thoroughly i greatly appreciate your help ill post a new pic as its growing faster then i would have expected this past few days also the nutrients came in a 3 pack fox farm grow big, big bloom and the buds and bloom fertilizer i also got cal mag and ph up and down kits in case

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Hi @ArmoredGoat i was wondering what phase you think shes on shes blueberry lemon haze i believe 3 weeks old i forgot to mark my calendar but im trying to get a schedule down for her nutrients and everything im new to fem autos never grew one or witnessed one grow

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Seedling > veg > flower

That plant is vegging. Looks really healthy. Since it’s an auto the plant will flower on its own without your intervention.

I woke up this morning to find one of the lower leafs all chewed up any recomendations on pest control i have no clue what to use and im so upset it ate up that lower leaf hoping it wont cause any issues

Share pics

I like Essentria IC3 for IPM, but there is all types of stuff out there from Chems to homemade. I think the 3 most common pest for cannabis are mites, aphids & gnats. Only two of these mentioned would eat the leaf.

Gnats need moisture so drying out the soil typically fixes that, but they don’t eat leaf

Caterpillars and worms eat holes in leaves and leave droppings that look like black specks

Take moment to review this Bugs

Identify what you see in your space and share some pics if you can of the damage done and a bug if you can find them

This is how i found the bottom leaves any ideas?

Not really, although that’s sizable chunks. My guess is a bigger bug would have to be a suspect. Like a grasshopper/cricket, beetles, thrips, caterpillars, leaf miners ect.

Check this out post from ILGM