Tip of leafs showing a little yellow

Im seeing a small amount of yellow on the tip of afew upper leafs on one of my blueberry big bud autos and the second plant several of the bottom leafs look to be cupping some.

Is tthat light stress on both or watering issues?

I don’t see anything to worry about. Your plant seems fine.

Please don’t create duplicate posts.

Sorry about that, seemed the first try didnt take. Thanks sir

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Tips of the one plant have a small amount of yellow. The other plants seems greener but i noticed the first set of leafs seem to be cupping up some. Im guessing light stress or watering issue for the cupping leaf plant?

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Please don’t make duplicate posts, I’ve combined the two posts.

Sorry didnt think the first one took.

Soil maybe a little hot showing the leaf tip’s minimal burn , but I see nothing I would worry about. Keep up the good work ! :+1:

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