Autoflower help for new grower

I’m growing Blueberry autoflowers in Happy Frog with earthworm castings and GH maxigro and maxibloom. The plants look ok but the newer leaf tips are bright yellow. Any help will be greatly appreciated. This is my second grow.! And not tech savy so I hope this works. 1579745108416-1440813507|666x500

Can you take a photo of a single fan leaf that has you concerned? Under regular lights please.

Wait for the picture to finish loading in your text box before hitting reply

Why can’t anyone click the link? Worked for me…
Lighter color green is newer growth, and will darken in color as it ages in a couple of weeks. Just means your plant is rapidly growing, and loves the environment you gave it. @Dan59

Tough to see in the pic but the newer leaf tips are bright yellow. Will have to get a better pic. Thank you.

I did and just the blue text link came up.

Still looks normal, and I see what you’re concerned about. @Dan59

Good to know. Want to keep the girls happy. Thanks again

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