Too soon before flush?

You can see my setup here 1st grow,1st journal

Long story short.
FFOF soil. Started with the fox form trio, went down to just tiger bloom in flower, seaweed extract and molasses

About 10 weeks into flower. The leaves started yellowing last week but the trichs are just now around 60/40 milky to clear with a smidge of amber. But the leaves are very yellow and browning. I was only able to flush 3 days ago. The yellowing is creeping up into the sugar peaves on the buds. Should i chop?


Trichomes are the single best indicator when the chop.
The second is if all of the pistils are brown. Looks like your about the same timeframe as I am.
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Personally if you are happy with the % of how you prefer your trichomes, then chop away. You got some nice sized colas. I’ve chopped early but I have never had a plant look the state yours is in.


Stay on Trich watch! Ride them ladies out! They are just eating up what’s left. Can you get a pic of the Thricones? P.s. take a sample, put on a white piece of paper, check thricones in different lighting. Them ladies appear ready from a distance :wink:

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'Em are some monster buds. Good growing!


I got some advice from a family friend who grows his own. He told me to chop em. I pretty much cut out the Tiger Bloom about 3-4 weeks ago, flushed and been just using organic kelp seaweed extract, molasses and 2 boogie brew compost teas. Like i mentioned i am not organized i forget to mention things a lot lmao!

Anyway he said since they’ve been going organic for a month shouldn’t have much salt build up it shouldn’t change it too much.

So i chopped em. I wet trimmed the yellowing blueberry and gonna dry trim the healthier quebec gold. I’ll post the pics over in my diary. Thanks guys for the info!