Should i chop her?

Hey guys,

i’m new here. I’m from europe, so please excuse my bad english, lol.

I’m currently running an autoflower grow and one of my ladies is in her last weeks of flower. everything is looking fine. she’s thick, smells awesome and looking “KINDA” good except for her leaves. they’re yellowish and crispy as you can see from the pictures.
i’ve checked her trichs but their like 80% cloudy and 20% clear. i was aiming for 10% amber but still not a single trich turned amber. i’m worried about the leaves as they’re getting crispier by day and that scares me a little because of budrot. i’ve checked the main bud - nothing. should i chop her because of the leaves or should i let her go a few days?


strain: purple punch (fastbuds)
fabric pots 3gal
coco coir & perlite (70/30)
nutes: GH h3ads formula + calmag from start till yesterday
flushing her with plain tapwater currently

she is in her 8-9th week of flower.

as i said before, i’m worried because of the leaves :-/


In the last few weeks of flower the plant pulls nutrients from the leaves, this is normal. Welcome to the neighborhood!




Thank you guys!
I know that the yellowing is normal but they are crispy and the tips are litteraly falling off, when touching the tips.
is this normal? never had an issue like this in my past grows. the leaves turned yellowish and from there on mostly purple but this time they got crispy. do i worry too much? lol