Is this the dreaded bud rot?

Hi everyone,

Is this the dreaded bud rot? They have been in flower since 18/02 and I’m thinking of harvesting her now and save what is left

Thanks for any advice

I do not see moldy spots, so I think you are good. I do see quite a few leaves that have browned and yellowed due to the bud maturing and the plant feeding on itself for nutrition, but this is natural. Most of this will be removed upon harvest. Have you looked at the trich’s condition? You do want to harvest when they are all cloudy with some amber.

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Your photos aren’t good enough to determine actual bud rot, you need to bend the bud open where the brown leaves are and look inside, there is where you’ll see the actual fungus attacking the plant, you’ll see fuzzy stuff all the way down to the stem and the epidermic layer of the stem will not be green but brown and dead. High humidity, temperature, and lack of good air circulation are determining factors that cause it.

Yes, those leaves close up are not normal browning. Buds look dark as well. Maybe not enough circulation?


Do the leaves pull out of the buds very easy? I read somewhere that if they do it could be bud rot. But im a super newbie, but I’ve read everything 2 or more :laughing:.


Yes, the leaves are usually brown and pull right off.
I don’t think that’s the case here.

I’d check those trichomes daily and get ready for harvest. After almost 3 months of flower she might be ready.


Hey @WickedAle thank you for your response :+1:t6:

yes, I checked them last night and there are a few Amber and cloudy trichomes. I gave them a feeding last night and when I checked this morning it was looking a little better

Think I’ll harvest in two weeks max as I’ll be away for a week. What do you think?

I’ve got a fan in their for circulation, which is on 24/7. I have also just harvested two other plants which were okay. I feed them last night and checked this morning, I think they were looking better. Hopefully when I check tonight their will be an improvement :crossed_fingers:t6:

Thanks @Drinkslinger, i checked yesterday and they’re mostly cloudy with only a few Amber. I think I’ll harvest in sooner rather than later. What do you think?

If you’re seeing amber trichs on the flower, (not sugar leaves) then I’d harvest soon. I like about 10% amber, zero clear.