Too much or too little water for marijuana

A question from a fellow grower:

hi i wanted to know if anyone could tell me why my plans are lie this i dont know if im watering to much or not enough or is ther not enough light or too much…?

The sprout in the 1st picture looks fine
2nd pik is hard to read. I think possibly the light is too far away, and caused them to sprouts to "stret5ch toward the light. At this stage I use a pray bottle to mist around the base of the sprout, as to not over water it. :slight_smile:

If you filled out a support ticket; Located at the top of the forum; It would give us a better chance to help you. Peace, lw

I looked at pictures again. I am legally blind; So, sometimnes it takes mer a couple looks, but I say 2nd pik may be mot enough moisture. Looks like it is sucking moisture from the inside.

Here is a link to a support ticket

We can reference this at anytime in order to help you.

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Strain; Super Silver Haze

Soil in pots: Hydroponic

System type: idk

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir: I use miracle grow

What is strength of nutrient mix: None


Light system, size 2 cdl 120watts and an outdoor 120w

Temps; Day & Night: 80-83°F

Humidity; Day, Night I don’t know how to record this

Ventilation system; Yes, Size 2 Computer fans I think it is ventilated well but I don’t know for sure

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: None

Co2; No

This is the grow box I made with the budget I have my plants grow fine until they get to a sertain point than they all die at the same time like after 4 days they will be at different sprouting lengths than everything would die at the same time

The first pic already died it was growing fine than it just started to brown at the tips like that and now it’s completely shribbled up :frowning:

You did not list the properties of the soil you are using. If it contains fertilizer, that it most likely your problem. The soil is too hot for the sprout and burns it up. Just an educated guess

I’m using Miracle Grow potting mix and I looked on the bag and it did not say anything about Fertilizer so should I switch to an organic kind because I have 2 plants that just sprouted today?

All Miracle Grow has time release fertilizer. Give me the entire name on the bag, and any N-P-K ratings you might find

You should use a seed starter mix which has everything a new sprout to seedling needs. It is basically Peat moss, perlite, and vermiculite. 2-3 bucks a bag at wally’s

Or; Buy some jiffy pellets and a little propagation dome that come with it.

Okay when do I transfer it too the miracle grow… Time size?

Feeds up to 6 months

Feretilizer analysis

If the potting mix can feed for up to 6 months; How mucj fertilizer do you think that would take?

Use starter cubes, or starter mix, but NOT a fertilized potting or garden soil

Okay so switch the soil and I should be good… Also I don’t know when to transfer from the starting cube to a pot, Is there a certain amount of weeks?

I always recommend that you do not fertilize until you have a healthy little plant with 4-5 alternating nodes of true leaves.

That is a 3" pot, so size accordingly. This could’ve been placed on a nutrient program the past few days. I have fed the plant 2 times in 4 days with Liquid Karma, 1 TBS per gallon. Gallon is to the right of this plant.

Plant height is approx. 5" tall

Hey latewood I have 4 plants passing 6-8" tall, looking a lot like the picture you posted above that are getting a lot of new growth. Should I trim any part of this plant to reduce shading to the new growth?

He short answer to when to transplant a plant to a larger container is this, ASAP. i start femenised seeds in their untimate final container, eliminates transplant stress if theres no transplant. This of course applies only to soil grows. I start my seeds for hydro in 6" pots, the transfer when i see roots on the bottom.

This is how they look now any idea on what I am doing wrong?

Look at the new growth, the old growth won’t lose it’s yellow. I see on one picture, the new growth looks really good.