Too early to go outdoors? Early April flowering risk?

Here we are 10 days into April when i’m usually looking at a foot of snowpack on my lawn and instead I’ve got peas, radishes, carrots, beets, and spinach all planted and I’m already vernalizing my artichokes.

I’d love to stick the Cannabis out there too but we’re not that far off from the equinox - according to the National Weather Service We’re getting 13 hours and 17 mins of daylight everyday. I think that really means from technical “sunrise” to “sunset” which is when the sun is fully above the horizon and fully below - so like the real amount of light vs dark is a little more light than that.

…Anyhow - I wanna put these plants outside to enjoy the sun rather than the crappy T5 fluoros they’re under now but I don’t want them flowering yet!!

I’m not worried about temperatures (even though its more than a month before our last frost date!) - They’re in grow bags and I’ll just haul them inside if there’s a cold stretch that comes through.

Any advice?

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Are they clones or from seed? I have some clones that I’m waiting to put out, but I think you can put out plants from seed & be allright. Better wait for more to have their say on this. Oh yeah an wait till the snows gone :rofl:

IMHO- Don’t risk it. I have tried with clones and feminized seedlings hatched under a agrosun 150w. (I checked my journal,and I placed them outside April 15th)But when I took them outside-early flowering. I watched the re-veg show. Good for experience-bad for yield.
I have a seedling direct-to-outside project underway-so far so good. Slow veg growth at first but coming along nicely.
I know others have discussed this ,but I cannot remember which thread .

SL out.

Were still gaining sunlight hours in northern hemisphere …where are you located?

I’m in Vermont.

@pillsbury @Slug_Life Thanks for the replies. I’m gonna bring them in at dusk and have no need to risk it.

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I’m in the same situation but this past weeks weather in the US was definitely a tease. I’m waiting for 65 day temp 50 night at the very least.

Sounds like you would still be worried about frost and temps, which is enough to keep them in for me.

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:point_up_2: no doubt… wait a few more weeks

I’m in oston. Be more worried about the temperature outside at night.:+1::v::mask::sunglasses:

Unseasonably warm and. Been 40 or above at night. Nothing id usually worry about.

Regardless, I’ll be waiting.

I have 4 autos about 3inches tall right now they are under a regular 60watt bulb I’m in Florida could I go ahead and transplant them outside because they look as if they need more intense light


Yes, as long as your temps are suitable you will be fine. Especially with autos.


So as small as they are it will be fine and as for soil I know happy frog is like the best have you heard of jungle growth

Autos should flower as soon as they’re mature, so it shouldn’t matter what size they are or what the light schedule is. As far as the soil goes, I haven’t heard of or seen jungle growth. When I buy soil I prefer roots organics original.

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this is a picture link did it work for you

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I would try their soil. I like all the rest of their products. Currently I’m trying out their dry bloom fertilizer.

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It says omri listed, so should be in line with other organic soils. Would probably be fine.

When choosing soils, there is usually a scale of works easily to doesn’t really work at all. Then there is preference to how they are made up. If you are relatively new gardener, you won’t really know what you prefer outside of being able to keep your plants healthy. If you have been doing for a long time, then there is likely things you will like and dislike about specific soils. For instance, some of them come heavily loaded with mulch/wood chips. Imo this is great for a raised bed garden, as it will eventually break down and contribute to your soil. But if you are type that grows in a pot and uses fresh soil every grow, heavily mulched doesn’t appeal to all. Some come loaded with choir and/or perlite, and not everyone likes that. So there is always going to be some level preference involved. I said that I like the roots original because it’s extremely airy and I would consider it middle of the road for nutrient charge, which makes it extremely flexible. I can ammend some heavily into what some consider a super soil. Then use the remainder for starting seeds. Or just plant in it and hand feed after after a few weeks. Doesn’t make it any better than others, just better for me.

For the price, I would probably try it. Keep an open mind and see how it goes. You may love it, or you may decide that something else is better fit. But hard to say either if you don’t try.


Thanks I’ll give it a shot

Watch moving plants in and oht like that as it can cause the plant to get transfer disease. Moving from the diff climates and lighting can cause major issues. Welcome and good luck. Also taking chances of bringing unwanted bugs into the house if u bring the plants in from the outside.

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I’m also in florida. My autos have been outside for a month.
I have had photoperiods in the ground since Feb. 9. The buds are big and hard and I should have a decent harvest, before the days get long enough to switch it to veg.