Too early ready for harvest?

Question from a fellow grower?

I had 2 gold leaf 2 strawberry cough 2 chocolope and 2 super lemon haze they all had amber tricomes at 8 weeks had to harvest only got about an once or 2 from each. What can cause all to ripen early?

I had some issues with heat a few times but since mostly Sativas I thought that probably wasn’t the issue. All were in 7 gallon fabric pots. All very healthy. No bugs or disease. Vegged for like 11 weeks while white widow autos were finishing up. They started flowering as soon as I changed to 12/12. But at 7 weeks started seeing a lot of red hairs checked tricomes and they were starting to turn amber. Had to harvest at 8 weeks I didn’t want couch lock. I have a viparspectra 1200w and a optic 6 both are supposed to be the power of 1000w grow light. Only got 1-2 ounces per plant.

The last couple weeks is when they put on mass, so by going a little early I imagine you took a hit to the yeild for sure. And mine at 5 weeks with 5 weeks left has lots of red pistols and some amber trichomes. They start changing early. You can have amber before half are even milky. That’s why they go 20 percent amber the buds gives you the perfect bud . Everything after that the higher the percentage the more of a “couch lock” buzz. But it isn’t guaranteed either . If you have a sativa that is known for energy, then it will always be like that . It will just be a bit more intense or more mild. The strain is more a factor then the amber. They just use the amber percentage for a guide to when the plant has reached its full potential. I’m no expert but this is just what research has taught me.

I need pictures and those light’s lied about the power i have not seen a photo sativa ready in 8 weeks of flower
Can you fill out a support ticket

Those corn cobs are Acapulco gold and under 2 600w hps mh lights that is what 1200watts do for my plants and they are about 2 or 3 weeks away from harvest


Also don’t look at sugar leaves follow the hairs back to the buds with the loupe i have harvest to early because of this


Lots of questions. I agree to disregard trichs on sugar leaves, and that you likely didn’t have ideal lighting for space. Would need to see pre harvest pictures to determine much else.

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