To Scrog... or NOT To Scrog?

First time poster: Been doing a ridiculous amount of research and it looks like ScrOG is great for people with limited space. I have a 4’ x 8’ grow tent setup. 8 sprouted seeds that have just broken the soil this morning. This gives me 2’ x 2’ of grow area per plant. I will be using 5 of the 1000W double chip LED Grow Lights in the tent.

Is there any reason not to ScrOG with this setup? I would like to use this method because at the end of the grow I already have a great curing/drying rack setup in the tent.

Should I add more plants? I read somewhere that the ideal goal is about 2 square feet per plant. I have 4 square feet per plant right now.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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You would run an 8 plants in a 4x8 scrog, would the scrog cover the whole area? How long were you wanting to veg for? More plants is gonna fill the net up faster and less plants will take a little longer.

A lot depends on the kind of MJ you are growing? @3high5you

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a minimum size for a plant is more like 2’ x 2’ so your plants might be crowding each other once flowering time was under way.
@Countryboyjvd1971 has a four plant scrog, I think, in a 4’ x 4’ tent…maybe he can give an opinion

some plants will grow faster than others coming from 8 seeds, no two plants grow the same, so your screen may fill up haphazardly.


You are 100% correct @kabongster I will be reducing the amount of plants next run i see now that two would have been way better I will have succes with this grow but by crowding them I think I cut my potential down a bit
You might just want to do one and take your time filling screen @Brian091180 has a great scrog going maybe he’d be a better advisor here @3high5you oh and welcome


So @Countryboyjvd1971 would you say 2 could be used and they would be sufficient for a 4x4?


Oh yes they would given the time

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Oh wow, thanks for all the quick replies, and welcoming me as well!

I planted:
Super Skunk
Strawberry Kush
Pineapple Haze
Pure Indica
Gold Leaf
OG Kush

OG Kush still hasn’t broken the soil. Pure Indica, Gold Leaf, and Lowryder have finally broken the soil this morning. Super Skunk is about 5 inches tall. That little thing is going ham!

Was planning to build a frame that integrated with the tent frame, so the screen would fill the entire 4’ x 8’ space. I was going to veg til the screen was full, but I am in no real hurry. Quality > Quantity > Time.

I personally wouldn’t ScrOG given the number of plants and variety. You could probably get away with it, but it’s going to be very crowded and some plants may not get much screen space due to variety and growth rates as @kabongster pointed out. I think you’d be better off waiting until your next grow and starting with half the number of plants. Just my opinion.

Happy growing!

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It sounds like that is my best bet. Once I harvest this batch of ladies I can build the frame and screen and cure/dry this batch, then try a four plant ScrOG for the next run. Thanks!

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Are you going to do a journal? I would love to see how all those different strains grow under the same roof.

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I was thinking about it, but it’s my first grow. It might not be a good baseline since I’m sure I’ll make a bunch of mistakes along the way? Lol

That’s the point of the journal as well man to help each other I’m growing 3 different plants and it’s my first grow if I didn’t start my journal my plants would probably be all messed up lol. These guys are awesome I’m a rookie myself and I like reading others to help me with mines.

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I briefly skimmed and didn’t see it, but height is one of the main reasons to scrog, not so much front to back space.

That being said and aside from helping reduce height, it helps give you an even canopy, letting all the tops get the same amount of light. It’s a plant’s nature to outgrow what is next to it so it can get the most light. SCROG helps control nature’s desire to outgrow what’s around it.

Factoring in space for lights above canopy and light hangers, height can quickly become a concern.

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I started a journal here: Eight Strains, One Tent: A New Grower's Adventures

Hopefully I don’t embarrass myself! Haha, thanks for all the help, you all are rock stars!