To Cut or Not To Cut? That is the question

I’m back… here are closeups of my little girls…I am on the fence cause some sources say cut when cloudy…other say wait till “Amber”

These Northern Lights AutoFems are looking so tasty… but I don’t want to miss the window…

Whatta you think?

There are three plant…3 photos each

“the Mutant”

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Number 1
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Number 3
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You still have brand spankin’ new white pistils being put out and 1% or less amber…

I’d wait. You can cut now, but you’ll be giving up added weight IMO…


Amber means thc is degrading and soon bud will be couch lock. I cut at all cloudy, first sign of amber


Your plant is still over a month away from being cut.

3 weeks out.

Ready top chop


As far as answering your original question, many of your trichomes are still transparent which means they are not close to being ready. When you chop really depends on what kind of high you like. The higher percentage in Amber trichomes there are at the time of harvest, the more couch lock your high will be. So if you like a really mellow high then you may want to harvest once all the trichomes become milky. And if you like a stupid Stoner high then I would recommend pushing your trichomes to about 40% Amber before harvest as they will continue to ripen during the drying and curing process.

Personally I am a 15 to 25% Amber kind of guy. That’s my happy place.


Is that when you start flush? Or cut plant?
I’m trying to figure that out the last couple weeks before cutting plant down @Vexer

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Flushing depends on how you are growing. Hydro flush is for about 3 days and a soil flush is for about 2 weeks. You don’t do anything any differently. You just give pH’d plain water without nutrients. A super soil grower who only uses water and does not add nutrients can chop it anytime.

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@MrRay now that I look at it closer I see all the Amber’s. Maybe it’s the flash or something but many trics look transparent but that can’t be with that many Ambers. Once I saw all the transparents I didn’t even look at the rest of the pictures.

How the hell do you have that many Amber trics next to White pistils? Must be some weird auto flower thing

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3 weeks? Holy cow… I must be thinkin ahead cause back 3 weeks I had to miss a couple days of watering due to an emergency and couldn’t get anyone to come water while I was gone…so alot of the sugarleaves dried up…giving the plants a further along look…almost brown cause alot of the crunchy leaves are still on the plant…

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It’s weird because your buds look ready to harvest but you still have all those pistils sticking out. The pistils should have all receded and change color by now. How many weeks into flower are you?

I’m not an auto guy so let’s call some backup. @garrigan62 @hogmaster

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there in lies the problem…I didn’t log anything and lost track of time…
if I check back to the dates on photos…on 4-20 ( ironic isn’t it) I got this photo

On the main cola, it will continue to spit out new pistils every now and then even after ripening. If your judging pitils it’s better to look at the side branching. That’s what I’ve learned anyway


Not uncommon for late in flower for the plant to throw some foxtails. I suspect that’s what’s happening. Not a thing wrong with it and is a sign of maturity. You could take it out another couple of weeks to take advantage of a bit more swell but I’d be thinking hard about a water only diet soon. In soil or media I use a commercial flushing agent (Flora Kleen) and there are others. It does work.

Did those pictures come from flower calyxes or sugar leaves? Gotta make sure…


most of the sugar leaved dried up…pretty sure anything green is flower…
might have stressed them out with that watering issue? and screwed up their natural cycle?

I started just water a week ago since I thought I was close…
the one I call the mutant is looking farther along but it has been since day one…
that one had some baby buds in low branches that seem to be trying to catch up and getting new sugar leaves and getting bright green leaves again

SO…it seems the consensus is at least 2 weeks more so I will go with that… i take more photos as of late so I will put more up in a few days…keep watching…

This is my 1st try and I think its going OK…just don’t wanna drop the ball NOW


I LSTed the main cola a while back…bent it over in an arch so most of the ones on top are really secondary


Maybe that’s my problem cuz I don’t grow with a main Cola singular lol. I’m a plural colas type of guy.


Best thing you can do now is lots of air flow and low humidity. 25% or so will prevent any bud rot late in flower.

airflow is not a problem I have a 440 CFM 6" blower with a carbon filter moving the air out of a 2’x2’x3’ box…so it inlet is sucking the door shut if I don’t prop it open
and the humidity has always been about 30-35 due to our forced air this winter/spring…


Perfect. You’ll have a great harvest.


like I said earlier…I will post more pics on this thread over the next weeks…check back and guide me…thx…