Tips on mainlining sativas indoor?

Im using a 4’x2’ tent. 5 sativas. I plan to use training techniques of manifolding and screen of green for each plant. What can I expect during transition and flower? I want to avoid my plants growing into my light

Mainlining is a process and your best bet is to watch some YouTube’s on people doing it because it’s a multiple stage process.
Good luck with that project I have 2 autos in my 2x4 and that’s a squeeze.

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Every plant is a little different so it’s up to your training to keep em under your lights. I do my manifold and let them do a Y instead of the traditional flat T so that I can keep their footprint small then let em grow up to about 2 feet from the soil not the floor then switch to 12s I get 8 to 12 inch stretch finishes off around 3 feet tall. Plants are like people in that they can be directly related then look n grow completely different. I do 6 or 8 in a 2.5 x 6 foot space and it’s full, airflow and defoliation will be your best friend but I get between 450 and 550 grams out of there. Pic 1 is last week pic 2 n 3 are from this week
Edit == forgot to add this I use this technique for the most part You searched for Manifold | Grow Weed Easy

Does that space have 4 walls enclosing it? Or, can the plants spill out a bit?


my space is 2x6 three walls and a curtain that pushes out the .5 I mentioned…