Tips and tricks for a brand new indoor grower

Hi there everyone. I am brand new to growing and I would like to know some tricks and tips on how to grow good plants. If you could dummy it down for me that would be great as I don’t understand all the abbreviations and Nutrients they need to grow. I’m a bit scared to try but I’m gonna go at it. Guess I’ll learn on the way. Thanks y’all


Welcome, best tip I can give is to use the search bar top right for any subject or question first.
Soooo much info in here.
And don’t be scared, nervous,ok. There is enough great help here to help anyone through a grow or 10 :metal::green_heart:


DWC = Deep water culture (Hydro)

RDWC = Recirculating deep water culture (hydro)

TDS/PPM = Total dissolved solids/ parts per million (Nutrient level)

EC = electrical conductivity (another measurement of TDS)

RO water = reverse osmosis water

DE = diatomaceous earth (bug prevention)

FFOF or OF = fox farms ocean forest (soil)

FFHF or HF = fox farms happy frog (soil)

MG = miracle grow (soil)

NPK = nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium

FF = fox farms (Nutrients)

GH = general hydroponics (nutrients)

AN = Advanced nutrients (Nutrients)

NTFG = Nectar for the gods (nutrients)

PAR = photosynthetic active radiation

PPFD = Photosynthetic photon flux density

SOG = sea of green

SCROG = screen of green

WPM = white powered mildew

RSO = Rick Simpson oil (extract)

CFL = compact fluorescent light (lighting)

HLG = horticulture lighting group (lighting)

MH = metal halide (lighting)

HPS = high pressure sodium (lighting)

CMH = ceramic metal halide (lighting)

AF = auto flower

HST = high stress training

LST = low stress training


Here are some of the most common used abbreviations for you.


Thank you for the info

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Here is a chart of deficiencies.

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