Heads up for Newbies?

:wave: Hi all, and thank you so much for the awesomely helpful advice I’ve already received from many of you! While I’m no where near confident, I’m happy with the progress of my two little girls thus far. :blush:

I do have a request… I’ve searched the whole community and havent found one…
Does anybody have an Acronym Dictionary for newbies they could post?

I truly dont mean, in any way, to sound ungrateful… but a lot of these shortcuts are a different language to us newcomers. :anguished:
I do realize it’s a huge request and would be a lot of work, but maybe someone could start one and members could add to it?
:woman_shrugging:t3:Just a suggestion.
Thank you, again.
Enjoy your evening. :blush:


@Spiney_norman Thank you so much!!! :+1:
Dang! How could I not find that wealth of info??
If it had teeth, it would’ve bitten me!
I’ve got some studyin’ to do. :nerd_face:
Have a great night! :blush:


She’s kidding right.

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Kidding about what, exactly?

One of the things I remember most about being a newbie was feeling overwhelmed at the terms flying around here that were used like normal conversation items. “Nutes” meaning nutrients is on one hand totally obvious but on the other hand is just one more thing we abbreviate because as “seasoned growers” we get tired of typing out “nutrients.”

LST, watering to runoff, up-potting, PPMs, tds, pH, EC, HST, topping, FIMing, supercropping, monstercropping, scrog/sog netting, RH, VPD, DLI etc are all things we throw around very casually. Wattage and light spectrums, pesticides (Neem oil, capt jacks dead bug), etc etc.

We forget easily how much like drinking from a fire hose this can be for someone who has never grown a plant indoors, a plant ever, cannabis ever, or even any of the above many years ago. We’re rife with jargon and we don’t even know it.