Tiny Brown Spots on leaves

When I was watering I saw tiny brown spots on the leaves. I water with tap water and ph it to 6.6. I have been feeding it Fox Farm Grow big. Can you guys help me out to see what it is?

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I see the spot in question, but not really much to be concerned with.

I think it has gotten worse. I found holes on one of the lower leaves and there are brownish yellow spots at the bud sites as well as all over the plant.

Leaf on the first picture lines up with the LST you’ve done with it. Do the rest match with anything?

What do you mean?

I’m just wondering if its an insect or if its a nutrient deficiency. I use tap water at 6.6 ph with grow big and big bloom. Temps are at 70F with humidity at 50%.

Not seeing anything that looks like a pest issue that jumps out at me.

So it must be a nutrient deficiency. The hard part would be to figure out wich one. What deficiency causes holes like that though? Oh and the strain is Barneys farm wedding cake

I haven’t seen a deficiency that causes holes. Usually physical damage causes holes. Calcium deficiency can show as brown spots.

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Sorry to jump in, but I’m having a similar issue. My 9 day old seeding is getting brown spots. The two possibilities I’ve come across are calcium deficiency or leaves get wet while watering. Seems early for any deficiencies but I am using ro water without any cal-mag. Thoughts @Covertgrower

Probably got watered. As long as top growth looks good too.

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