Timing for harvest

Looking ahead to drying and just want to be ready when the time comes as ill have to get the dry tent set up.

These girls are dried out and are ready for a drink - should i continue with another feeding or should i start just watering to runoff with plain water.


Hi there. Plants look good and healthy. Do u have a loupe or microscope to check the tricomes? This is the sure way to let u know they are ready.

@Wades-concrete Looking at the tops of your flower it seems in the pic you still show a good amount of white pistols. Have you looked at your buds with a jewelers loop yet? You need to see you trichs to make the final decision. But you look far enough along that I’d say it’s flush and wean time!! So close!!!

Yes i do have a loup - just as unsure looking through that as with my eye.

ill see if i can get a few pictures with the loop - if not i can use my sons microscope for the evening.

From what i can tell they still have some clear - i feel like i see a few amber but just on sugar leaves

Previous watering was ranging between 880-1190 runoff ppm with 455ppm going in

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It might be easier to clip off a bud in middle and then check with loupe. easier to hold still

First andnlast are same piece and second and third are same piece

One from each plant in question - middle of the plant

Depend what you want. A little early for me.

Still picks her up (wife) but good solid buzz that last for an hour or two.

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I agree, i felt likeboth are mostly clear still -

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Should i be starting the flushing process?

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Jack h #1

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Jack h#2

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Bubble gun and jack h#3

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First flush with plain water on jack 1and 2 - #1s ppm was 1250 #2 was 730

@Wades-concrete You a mason? Meet @ConcreteBudz and @Pedrosgrow 2 MA. ‘StoneD Masons’ lol. Y’all got a club now!

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Not exactly - concrete placement

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@Wades-concrete Welcome!

@Wades-concrete whats up brother i do foundations. We are all, all about concrete :wink::call_me_hand::muscle:

Your plants look well overdue for flush and harvest brother but some beautiful fall colors :heart_eyes:

I do as well - turn key post tension residential mostly

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Good news is they have only been getting phd water to runoff the last two waterings either way.
Looks like its time to get the dry tent up and go dark for 48 hours

Does the bubblegum and jack #3 look ready as well?

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