Timer malfunction

A question from a fellow grower:

say if some one had a timer malfunction the 2 400’s are on a separate timer then the 1000 all in the same room, veg state ,but the 1000 never went out at night it stayed on but the other 2 went out on time …what would do ? 24 HR dark then back to 18 on an 6 off ???

Just get back to your “regular” lighting schedule - NO harm is done and many have had light issues like your’s - with every grow some dam thing will always go wrong that’s the fun of it ???

thank you !!

ok not that it has happened but same thing but in the flowering stage ? do you just get the problem fix t then go beck to the norm 12 12 HR

yes the idea is the shorter the change the less effect it has takes plants several days to adjust to any change in light schedule