Light timer mishap/malfunction

Enclosed grow room 8’ x 8’
20 White widow and 2 Blueberry auto
Temp: 75f/64f/PH:6.3/humidity:45-55%\EC.9
6th week flowering/ HPS 1000W
I began flower period in late October and still quite warm so I set timer to run 12 hour period 6pm till 6am to keep temp down in day and when weather got cold to keep warmer at night grow room is insulated in attic so I avoided opening the door in the day to keep from letting in any light, timer I used for lights / fan is push segments down for on, went up today to retrieve C02 tank for refill which I had set out the night before and God dammit the lights were still on at noon, unhooked fan / light timer and noticed all segments down, the damn thing had tipped over face first and was set on 24 hours,
Trouble is I don’t know how long this has been going on since I can’t hear fan running in rooms below, my stealthy insulation has bit me in the ass, I do know timer was on 12/12 up through week 5 of flowering/ live and learn to check to be sure from now on, but have I screwed up bad enough to start back at week one flower or just what do I do, I’m using your nutrients (now on 15 ml per 2 1/2 gal mass booster, for last 3 weeks flowering
Plants were looking damn good too, hope I havent !@#$ed up too bad

I’m not an expert, but I’ve seen a number of people have had the same thing happen. One guy 5 days at 24 hours. He did a 36 hour dark turn, then back to 12/12. He said it added about 3 weeks to the flowering period. Another guy went to 10 hours light, 14 dark and he said his finished earlier than it normally would have. Not sure what to tell you. You haven’t killed them, so it’s not a “bad” !@#$up, just possibly a time thing. Good luck.

Thanks for the help, mine could have been just one day, don’t know, cause I only work on em when lights were on, I think I’ll go right back to 12/12 immediately and see what happens, no signs of new vegetative growth so I don’t think it sent em back too far, this is my second grow and I’ve learned a few things from trial and error, one was plants were too crowded, light to lower buds was diminished, got purple haze gold leaf and jack herer on the way and I’m gonna cut back to 15 in my space instead of 22, thanks

All you have to do if a light period is off due to technical issues or human error; Just set it back to where you had it as fast as possible. There is no magic formula. If you found the lights on at noon. turn them off, and start all over at midnight 12/12