Timer malfunction on lights need advice

Kinda worried some up this morning and the lights were still off they should have turned on at 2am and when I noticed it was already 7am. The set time for them to go off is 8pm so if they were off since then that 11hrs and they could have been off before the scheduled time so it could have been 12 or more hrs of dark. Not autos so I’m worried would this send them right into budding? Should I leave the lights on all night to make up for all the dark time?

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How old are the plants?

We got 3 of them as clones and 1 they called a teen. And they have been in ffof soil for 4 weeks now. So I would guess 7 weeks for the clones a lil longer for the teen.

The teen dbl sour

Cherry AK

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You’re wanting to veg them out quite a bit more then?

Yea dont want them going into budding i have no idea how long the light was off since yesterday. So dont know if i should leave the lights on for the rest of the night and get back on schedule tomarrow or get back on schedule now and not worry about it.

I would just resume 18 hour light schedule. May stall out a little bit, but she’ll go back into veg.


They’ll be fine. Just continue with 18/6


One day is hardly going to do anything bad, just reset the light timer and on with it.