Timer Fail Turbo Edition

Oh thank god I figured out how to post. Okay, so here’s the situation:
I am at day 25 flower on the following strains:
Strawberry Cough (Am aware this will take longer.)
I’ve had their light on a timer switch and the viewing windows closed. It’s a fairly cheap/basic timer that you manually push down or lift 30 minute time segments on it to set it.
The tent is primarily HPS, so it can take a bit to turn on if it only recently turned off.
It was running fine for a while, but today I went to check it and realized, somehow the times on it are all popped up and down strangely. I fully admit I panicked and set them all flat-off before thinking to really analyze the exact time periods, but the shortversion is, their online time segment looked extended in general and they had random off times in what I would estimate to be about 2 hours.
Any time I HAVE checked on the plants, during the hours they SHOULD be on, it Appeared To Be On. I know for a FACT that this timer wasn’t like this worst-cast 36 hours ago, and really I’m pretty sure 24, unless somehow it popped its nodes while I was asleep last night.
I am genuinely 100% clueless how this happened. I do not know when, where, or HOW it could even happen. A timer mechanical failure, my cat on stilts, a reefer madness ghost, unclear, but my question is:
If there’s the chance that sometime over the last 24 hours they went through rave lights, on a scale of one to taking it up the pooper, how screwed am I, because I’ve never run into something like this.

The three times I went in the tent today the lights appeared to be on. I may somehow be entirely over-reacting. But if the lights might have gone out for something like a 3 hour stretch to pop back on for another stretch, will that bone me? I do know they’re pretty stable strains that can take a proverbial beating compared to some, but.

Advice? My instinct is telling me to essentially longnight them. Give them a solid 20-24 hour dark period so they go “OK, it’s really night now” and even bounce up their chemical processes.

Otherwise, these plants have had a stable light schedule for the most part, with the worst error being +1 hour from a weird situation that I also offset by just slightly extending their night (my theory is always, “plants don’t have a stopwatch, as long as night was longer than the day and it’s one day, you should be fine”) but I’ve never had a situation where this crap might have been playing clap on clap off in half hour or maybe few-hour stretches while I wasn’t there hawk staring at it.

Is the longnight a good idea? Bad idea? Any other ideas beyond “keep eyes out for nanners and neuter 'em”?

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Howdy Starky
Are the plants Auto or Photo-period? :thinking:


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I would get a digital timer with battery backup ASAP.


Definitely thinking of that one, but is the longnight concept a viable save, or should I just pray to the reefer gods and rip out any nanners that come up, cuz I refuse to lose this squad.


I don’;t think it would hurt.
I use to have those mechanical timers but switched after power outage and without me realizing till I saw lights were still on.

So maybe a power flicker or something and some weird half flip happened?
Either way I’ll go for longnight and hope for no revegging or hermie signs.
They’ve been very good girls T_T I’m just turning into a freaked out parent at this point.
I can hope my general stability for them will offset a day of… whatever did or didn’t happen, and hope maybe the flicker or whatever just happened later in the day and Isnt So Bad Actually.

I’ve heard that lighting interruptions in The First Half Of Night are less severe than Second Half, do you know if it’s true? I’m generally too anal to have found out.

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Howdy Starky
I would not worry to much, just wait and see what happens. :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad you found out. Plants should be fine. I had the same issue with a timer like that. Would go down there 2hrs after lights on and it was still dark. Happened twice. Come to find out the timer was sticking when it reached a certain spot. I just ditched the timer and do manually. Might look at better timers but not a priority for me at this time.

Yeah, all I can think to do is longnight them. First half of bloom is the period it even helps anyway and I was thinking of doing it soon. I know there’s a chance it technically stresses them worse too, but it’s the only possible patch to mitigate any potential effects of the slow motion rave they may or may not have gone through. If I’m lucky I just speed up them getting fat now, and Nothing Serious Happened.

And yeah that’s just it, I generally manually control my lights, but I’m starting a new job soon so I got the timer a few weeks ago, and it worked fine until the other day. But I’m going to now more use the timer as a HELPER than a general reliant device eg still spot check it through the day.

The plants are staying off for 6-8 more hours now, they’re at 17 off so far. I figure about 24 down so they go oh its night fr may adjust mood swings and follow it up with a few 10/14s or so for a few days and then just resume 12/12ish. Or 11/13 maybe.