Time to Upgrade, Need Help Planning rdwc 4x8

So here is what I have and I am thinking of adding tubs in tent but I am unsure of how many I can put in tent.

I was thinking of going to 8 plants instead of 3 for less veg time and max yield per sq foot.

I’m feeling lazy so pics of current setup shal be the explanation of what I currently have.

dual res tubs. Air pump, chiller,inline water pump,

Possibly adding another 300l or whatever the center light is.

And yes it’s a disaster and has to be cleaned. Lmao


So do you think I can put 8 plants in tent ?

I’d consider 30+ plants in a SOG.

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@KeystoneCops I cant fit that many tubs. Can do 8 , just wondering if it’s fine from seed .
Waiting for grow store to open. Then I’m off to buy parts.

I am also gonna add an agrowtek nutrient doser panel.

Your system has a shared reservoir, so why not do multiple clones per bucket?

It’s just that you get to harvest so much faster when you have more plants, which is the reason you’re trying for 8, right?

Anyway, we’ve seen plenty of people fit plants in 6”x6” footprints (obviously not wall to wall). You can absolutely fit 8 plants in there.

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Thanks for the fast reply. @KeystoneCops

The reason for only 8 is due to the size of the current culture tubs and I am growing from seed as I do not have space for a mother plant and cloning.

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