Time to trim/train?

Wondering when I should start trimming. I was thinking of just taking off the bottom branches and a few of the lower fan leaves. I was trying to see how tall it would get before trimming but it seems to just want to get bushier rather than taller.

What do you all suggest? Is it too early to trim or is it better to do it all at once after I see how it grows?

She is a jealousy feminized. About a month old. Sprouted on march 1st. Using a hlg 150 watt light. About 11 inches tall.


Is that like a 1-1/2 gallon pot?

If so, I suggest getting her out of that little pot and getting her into at least a 3 gallon -5 gallon pot as quickly as possible before your roots get bound. From your pictures it just looks like a teeny tiny pot

If it is and you transplant Let her recover for a week and then think about what you’re going to do next. Just my two cents


I believe it is a 3 gallon pot. Just measured it and it’s about 10 inch diameter. I put her in that pot about a week ago from probably a 1.5 gallon. Really not sure on the size pots I have. Roots were good. Secured most of the soil but weren’t bound.
Tomorrow will be a week in the new pot and seems to show no signs of stress so I was thinking of pruning her a little.


Nice healthy plant

Quick tips to optimise defoliation

  • The key to getting big harvests indoors is to grow low, flat, and wide. Your plants need a solid canopy to power their growth.
  • Start low. Most of a plant’s bottom foliage is pretty safe to remove.
  • Start slow. It can be easy to get lost in the rhythm of defoliating; then, before you know it, you’ve stripped your plant of half its leaves. Stay focused and move slowly to avoid removing too much. First-timers should aim to remove no more than 10–15% of total foliage at a time.
  • Use sharp scissors. Our curved trimming scissors are great for making precise cuts when defoliating and trimming post-harvest. Remember to always keep your scissors clean to minimise the risk of disease and infection.
  • Different strains can handle different amounts of defoliation. Bushy indicas, for example, tend to cope particularly well with defoliation, whereas sativas tend to naturally produce fewer leaves, and thus can’t handle as much.

If those were mine I would trim the the biggest leaves first. Like the guy above me said good scissors is a must. For me I always trim the big leaves, they come back even bigger. Also choose wisely cuts, look at it from all different angles and spin the plant around. picture you being sunlight trying to see through a canopy of leaves, the ones that block may need to be cut.