Time for nutrients? First grow! Skywalker OG




Hey all, i hope i am doing this correctly, i just had some questions on my first grow, i am growing some Skywalker OG, it is 11 days old today it seems to be going really well but im noticing my plant is starting to yellow a little bit, is it time to add nutrients (currently going to be using advanced nutrients micro, grow, and bloom 3 part fertilizer, can anyone reccomend anything better?) Or am i running into another issue? I am running a 5 gallon bucket hydroponic system that holds probably 3 gallons of water, two large airstones, PH is kept between 6.2 and 6.5 daily, humidity is still at 74 but i will be lowering it to 65 in a few days here, and temperature is at a steady constant 74F, the cotyledons still look healthy and strong at this point and thats the reason i have not yet supplimented nutrients, any and all help would be GREATLY appreciated, thank you all!

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It’s normal for new growth to be a lighter color. The plant will produce chlorophyll in a few days that will fill in the leaves with a darker green.


Awesome thank you! Im so used to seeing the dark green, when i noticed the yellow this morning it freaked me out a little lol it did do alot of growing yesterday though

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I grow in coco and am basically clueless when it comes to hydro. After 7-10 days above ground I start 1/4 strength nutes, so around 200-250 ppm.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here is an update for the new year, even though i just posted yesterday, im alot happier with how its looking today, and alot of new growth!

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Nice looking plant!

Welcome to the club!

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Happy new years!!!
Looking good bro!!! Maybe research but from my memory banks i think your ph is a lil high for hydro. I always thought it was supposed to be 5.6-6 but i could be mistaking. Looks great to me though. I wouldnt change anything either. But if you start having problems check that first. Might save you some headache s down the line.

My PH was a little high, i have adjusted it down to 5.8, i am currently having some issues but i now have a plan of attack for it, i will be getting cal mag and silica to hopefully help with the bronzing seen here

Here is a new picture from this morning

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New growth looks great. That sounds like a good plan!!! GL.