Three leaf plant. What can I expect?

OK, I am reaching out on this one. These are pics of a clone that was taken during flower. It was a small cutting that has grown, but all the leaf fans are 3 leafs. It is currently in veg, and has not come out of this three leaf structure the whole time. I am at odds as to what to do with this plant, or am I asking for trouble? It is a first generation clone, and has never produced a single five leaf fan. So, has anyone had this, and should I continue, and flip this into flower? My plan was to monster crop this on a scrog, and let it continue to veg and fill out the scrog. But I don’t want to waste the time if all it will produce is a hermie. It is in FFOF and Promix, (1:2). Temps and pH have been monitored the whole time. Lights are LED on a 18-6 schedule. It is now in a 5 gal pot, and growing. Notice the close up and the leafs acting like they are in bloom. Neuts have been given conservatively. Mostly (Advanced Neuts). Feed-water-feed. Any input would be appreciated… Thanks!

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You’re good… clones taken during flower sometimes will keep doing 1 or 3 leafs. It mainly depends on the strains on how they pull out of it, or stay in it. Putting her into flower will be fine because she has been vegging a while.
There are many mother plants that were once clones themselves that still have 3 leafs, but their cuttings/clones veg and flower up nicely.

I should add it is the sativa dominate plants that have a harder time with this issue.


Seems to me like that particular plant has a very strong desire to flower. I would not worry too much . Go ahead with the scrog , I have a feeling she will produce nicely.


@ LF-the-OG; @mountainman1: Thank you both for your replies. The strain is Master Kush, (Indica). I will keep watching closely as I plan for this plant growing in a manner that will fill a 4x4 area in time. Thanks again for the input. I will try to keep a pictorial record of the progress…


Ok Here is a pic as of today! I have flipped two days ago, and this is what it is looking like. We will see how this three leaf plant will do now! The others are growing so well, that I thought I might pull them out and just flip the others, but then I would have a forest on my hands! (And I have seedlings going, so I have to get this bunch into flowering).

This is where it will get interesting! What about the name “Three Leaf Kush!” Ha! (Hopefully there will be a lot of colas!)

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Ok Update! The 3 leaf plants have blooms all over! The other plants have stretched up through the canopy, and are shooting upwards! Here are some photos of them, and my next bunch in veg. (One of the pics is with the lights on, and the other is in natural light. (I think this is going to be a good harvest!) I have one that is just going crazy growing, and the others are catching up. The smaller 2 were planted a week after the first two (biggest in the pic). I am hopeful that this one that is just going crazy with growth is a female! We will know in the days ahead!


Update: Biggest one in this pic is a male…(Let’s have a moment of silence for the dearly departed!!!)

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“(Let’s have a moment of silence for the dearly departed!!!)” seed or a clone?

Bagseed! The three that are left have not shown anything so far. I’m going to try and get one plant to fill a 4x4 tent.

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Growing one in a 4x8 tent

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What size pot is your plant in? How long have you been in veg?

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Sorry what I meant to say was “I’m moving to growing one plant in a 4x6 space” I use a RDWC in 5 gal buckets. Im not sure but was planning on seed to 12/12 start of flower in 1.5 months. Been growing a monster clone and I think watching it die for the last week so I freaking don’t know how long this things going to take to fill a netted 4x6 space. I wish it would just die so I could plant a banana kush or pineapple trainwreck I have

Well, I have just chopped Male #2! I have 2 left that are doing just fine. I only need one! Ha! I like taking a plant from germination to harvest, but sorting through the males can be tough at times. Especially when they are growing so well! I hope you can save your clone! I had a plant on my last grow that I thought I was going to lose, and with a little TLC and some Cal Mag, I was able to get a good harvest off of her! It’s rewarding to help save one that is having issues, and see them recover. I hope you can!

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Just a quick peek at what is just about ready for harvest!

Any guesses on how much longer???

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Still lots of white pistils, so you’ve got at least three weeks left.

The rule I usually go by is when you first see red/orange hairs, you have about three weeks. I watch the trichomes pretty close, so we will see. Yesterday was (9-9-2018) just for a reference…I usually harvest when the trichs are about 20% amber…

Ok here is today’s pics. The first one is a pic of one of two plants I was going to use for the next grow… BUT!!! Its a Boy! (And there is the proof) (whew! caught it in time!) Now I have one plant left vegging, and I should know the sex of it any day now. As far as the one’s in flower, they should not be too much longer, as I have seen some amber trichs. Anyway, thanks for all the input!

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Ok…final entry on this grow. The three leaf plants, 2 of them, produced 5 1/3 oz. The other 3 plants produced 4 oz. Total for a 4x4 space = 9 1/3 oz of pure bud. Dried and cleaned. As for the newer plants, that I made mention of, they have all been chopped and those male plants have been disposed of! Yep! Bagseed! Thanks for all the input!


I actually have a wwaf flowering with all three finger leaves but it seems fine to me besides this being the only time I’ve experienced this so I looked into it