Thoughts on when to flip?

So it’s currently 5 weeks since sprout and she is bushy and showing pistils already was debating on going for another 2 weeks then flipping.


I forget how much space you have if you have 6 ft or more you could probably go a couple more weeks. If you have less height you might want to consider flipping now. :+1:


Flip whenever your ready hombre, with a little or lot of bending, tucking & topping you can make any pickle work. The real question is how long before I run out of bud, that is the important factor… LoL


5x5 tent now so ima let it go 2 more weeks or 1

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@408stoner Its easy to fill up any sized tent. I run a 12/12 from start to finish and my girls make it past 6 feet tall with ease. I run a 4x4 tent.

but i forgot im putting the big plant in a 2x4 closet to 12/12 since on my 5x5 i got other plants