Thoughts on going bigger

Hello all i currently have a 2x4x5 tent and wanting to go bigger I’m thinking maybe 5x10x8 I’m gonna be getting a Hlg 650r light so it will work for 5x5 and I have two VIVOSUN vs2000 200w lights as well to put in it just wasn’t sure if I should keep the 2x4 and get maybe just a 5x5 I just didn’t want my house turning into tent city and what brand of tents do you recommend? I wanna do photos I’m currently doing autos but nether the less I just need more room(tent wise) didn’t know the difference between the cheaper tents and the more expensive tents

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Maybe work backward from: How much cannabis do you need every six months? If it’s a pound, then a big tent is going to be wasted. Determine the size for your yield and work from there.

I run in a 4 X 8 space along with a small 2 X 4 tent. The tent is for starts and vegging until they are too large to fit then go into the larger grow space to finish vegging and flower. I normally do 4 plants in that space and get 3 lbs. of flower without much effort. As a result I only grow during the winter months as I simply don’t need that much flower.


So I stopped smoking while I grow but I was smoking an ounce ever 3 or 4 days sometimes 2 days if I get really bored. So probably 4 pounds a year roughly oh the lower end

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Well I guess I ordered a 5x10 mars hydro tent with2 hlg 650r