Thoughts and advice on my setup and plan, ilgm super auto mix, organic tent grow

Ill introduce myself by saying hello. its probably been over a dozen years since i have have a grow, and thing sure do change. Im going to start a small op to get my feet wet but have a feeling ill outgrow this setup soon. So here where im at thus far. To the more experienced guys, please chime in with any thoughts and tips. pics of your results of similar setups and strains and what not are also appreciated…


  • Seeds - ive Got the super auto mix from here on ilgm 10x girl scout cookies auto, 10x bruce banner auto , 10x gorilla glue auto, and also 10x gold leaf fem.
  • Grow tent - I purchased the marshydro 2x4x6 tent kit complete with the sp3000 led light and all the other necessary items for the tent setup. Along with that i got 5x 5gal, 5x 3gal, and 5x 2gal grow bag fabric pots.
  • Soil and nutes - ive got 6 bags of Fox farms ocean forest, and general organics complete “go box” kit, and some great white rooting powder.

Heres my thoughts, im looking to do the intial grow with one of each of the Autos, total three plants in the 2x4 tent. Im figuring 12-15" light height, 20hrs on 4 offf. each plant in a 2g or 3g pot. I will probably cut the FFOF by about 30% as i rememeber back in the day it used to be a bit hot and i dont want to overwhelm the seedling. I will give some light doses of veg nutes in week 3&4. Then switch to bloom nutes. I will use my screen to train the plaints so i can spead the foliage as evenly as possibly and get light to form as many colas as i can.

Questions -
1 - What kind of realistic yeilds should i expect from these autos in this setup?
2 - Is 2g pots sufficient or is going with 3g a worthwhile difference in the yeild on these smaller plants?
3 - Speaking of size, is 3 plants a good amount for the 2x4, and how tall should i expect them to average at finish?
4 - has anyone ever split one of these tents to 2 levels, so they can run a few plants for 3-4 weeks in one level (shorter height maybe 2ft )to veg then move them to the other level(taller height maybe 4ft) to bloom, that way getting a harvest every 8 weeks or so?
5 - has anyone even tried these outdoors? If so, with what results. Keep in mind, im in a very southern us tropical climate. Think - Year round summer.
6 - what can i expect for the gold leaf fem, in 5 gal pot, indoor and out? Say veg 4 week’s then bloom til finish? And also, results from outdoor in the tropical climate im at?

Future potential plans -
im proably going to end up getting a 4x4 tent as well with twin sp3000 lights, to do larger and/or more plants. Id also light to pick a pair of really healthy fem plants of 2 varieties and keep a mother of each to pull clones from so i can just keep a cycle going. But now i want to concentrate on my above outlined plan.


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That’s an ambitious plan. When I started growing I started small. I was just trying to not kill them the first grow which, thanks to this forum, i didn’t kill them and the grow of my first 4 autos yielded about 7 oz which was successful to me.

Others will chime in I’m sure but the suggestion I have is start out small and grow the first 3 plants like you planned. Then learn from that and expand later if you can.

Good luck and I’ll follow this to see what other more experienced growers think of your plan. You are in the right place, these people will help you on your journey


Welcome aboard. Nice start. Plenty light. Good seeds. I personally would go 5 gal but i have done 4 good 3gal auto in my 2x4. 2gal on auto i think a little small. Better for a sog. Pot size has had a direct effect on my plants. I have kinda gone 5gal auto and 10 or better photo. Just what has worked for me. Lotsa styles. Have a blast. You are in the right place to catch up.


Welcome to the community ! I like to use 5 gallon fabric pots with autos. A lot of variables will play in to yield , but you should be able to pull
15 oz’s dry off three auto plants . Good luck with your new venture.


I’m with the others. I run a 2x4 with roughly 400w in it. Gonna use roughly 3 gallon buckets for this run of autos I’m doing now all coco and jacks nutrients. Seems like u have a well start here. Ffof is a bit warm but so far have had no issues real bad. First week of a seedling u might see some yellow tips on leaves but always seemed to correct itself fairly fast. Welcome and happy growing. Gonna follow along and watch the progress. Good luck


I grew my first 4 plant harvest (Autos) with 1.8 gallon plastic pots successfully. However, I had to water every 2 days in the last stretch of flowering.

Then I switched to 3 gallon fabric bags and watering is about every 4 days. Very happy with that. Easy to move them in and out and they fit my tent/drip saucers perfectly.

There are competitions to see who can grow the biggest plant in a SOLO CUP! So it’s even possible down to that miniscule size.

Either 3 or 5 gal fabric bags should be just fine in my opinion.

Good luck and be sure and enjoy the journey!


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welcome to the community. looks like the growmies have you covered.

Hey, welcome.
Nice set up looks like you are ready for success. I do dry amendments and try to never water to run off. So I like the bigger pots. 5gal or 7 for autos. More forgiving for my lazy ass. Also I don’t have temp and humidity dialed in. So I run hot and bigger pots have done better.