This started as a clone, is it turning male

Hello folks. Hope all is growing well with y’all.

Question, are these pollen sacks?

First time now with photos, I did not see this on the autoflowers.

Thanks for y

our time.

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Those are all calyx. Girl parts


They look girly to me


Only after the pollen sacs open.


And if female she will eventually sprout hairs

Thank you very much. I wasn’t sure. Happy and Peaceful growing to y’all.

Thanks she is a nag seed strain in the tent with cherry pie strain. I would hate to get a bag seed male pollinate my :cherries: pies :joy:.

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Hi there. You have a lady. You should be seeing girlie hairs soon. The little boy parts have a stem on them and hanging down.

That is good news. Like I said, I am new to growing and only have 1 grow under my belt which was Autoflowers and they seemed to go from very short veg stage to white hairs to buds really fast. I do not recall seeing balls. She is a clone and I thought I may have stressed her somehow and she flipped on me.

Thanks for the knowledge folks.

Peace and Happy Growing to y’all

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By the way, congratulations Valued Member of the Month!