This is my grow journey

This is my first grow


Looking great!


@Zee thanks.

@Hellraiser @Covertgrower @Skydiver @MidwestGuy @imSICKkid @repins12 @Trizzoop , hope you guys don’t mind the tag.


Everything you see here is being flowered on a 6 hours on 12 hours off schedule!!! As you can see the results speak for themselves. I don’t have any issues and the process seems to be moving along a lot faster!!! Feel free to ask questions about anything I’m doing. I have a ton of pictures and can explain everything I did from seed to what you see now. Keep in mind this is my very first grow by the way to!

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Plants look great.

looking good! so your runniung 6 on and 12 off on repeat?

Yes sir. I found the timers for it on Amazon.

Nice growing!

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added 1 more Mars Hydro light to help finish everything off , got my sour diesel hemp cured and boys that s*** amazing!!!

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@Myfriendis410 hope you don’t mind the tag.

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It’s crazy how addicting the stuff can be all this grow started from one little 3 by 3 tent with four plants and now look at it I just couldn’t help myself :laughing:

Looking good!

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Nice setup. Thanks for the tag.

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These seeds grown here are all by ILGM except for the hemp, the sour diesel and cherry wine hemp plants in there are private stock from private source sorry. Very happy with everything so far. As of now i wont get my seeds from anyone else. Love the customer service to. Makes up for the pricey seeds lol.

@Member420 this is my grow from switching to my own feeding schedule with just recharge and whatever solubles I feel are needed at the time I feel their needed based off of what the plant is telling me to give her.

this is all I feed them now and have been for the last couple weeks instead of just sticking to the feeding schedules by the company’s. I’m doing my own thing now the plants will tell me what they need. That recharges no joke that stuff works hands down better than anything else I’ve tried these are the results.

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