This is my girls now

Hey guys and gals just thought i would show you my girls they are huge theres the XL kush auto and a Blue Widow photoperiod there growing great ive been using the nimbin nutrients Australia products and it is so easy to use even when in flower stage when you have to use the bloom boosters and terpene booster and bud hardener it is so easy to use


Looking good.




Thanks @Deepsix that XL kush auto is going to have some big flowers and the blue widow photoperiod it should have some great buds aswell but it has a larger node spacing so im not expecting those real large colas but im expecting those big golf ball size nugs

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Nice girls Aussie… got you set to watching :sunglasses: :beers:


Yah man join in for the ride its been a great ride so far specially with all the new variables in this grow


Glad to follow along… will tag you in my journal if you like. got a few of those variables going on in my world right now. :sunglasses:

Yah tag me brother i will gladly follow along

Yah my variables are new inline fan system with controller ,using coco coir and a organic powdered nutrients and plus doing a photoperiod plant aswell as i normally just do autos. But this is the fun of growing and being a mad scientist lol

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Or sometimes just be mad…lol But mostly not, these are incredibly resilient weeds that we abuse…lol and they give us great rewards. My variable right now is water temp and root rot…lol

Root rot thats a bit of a killer

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pulled the baskets out and flushed the roots with peroxide and water, will do it again sunday and clean out the totes and start clean. they look like it helped them.

Im going to give dwc a go soon i already grow lettuce in dwc and they turned out great

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bottom pic is xl kush auto


Thats my photoperiod plant blue Widow

I also have great luck with Nimbin nutes.
They improved my harvest last year fourfold and this years grow if going well.

Its a great product i havent had any deficiencies