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Howdy yall, been a while since i have been on here. i have a few plants that i am in week 7 of flower and last week i started noticing some browning on the leaves. i sent a pic to the manufactor of the nuts i use and they said it was lock out but to me it looked more like a cal deficiency. they recommeded that i flush which i did for 2 watering and the brown has gotten worse.
here is what i sent to Nuts

here is now

any suggestions. here are the details
all strains are from ILGM
Granddy purp, master kush, bubba kush, zittles, hindu kush, all indicas, and my first time growing them. I have plenty of success now with stativas and thought i would try the indicas.
granddy purp is the one with the majority of the brown. the others have light yellowing but doesnt look like its from nuts looks like its close to harvest yellow. if there is such a thing. i have seen the leave change color as they get closer to harvest so i am not sure if the yellowing is from that or if its linked to the brown. I am using Advance Nutrients the list is as followed with amounts and watering schedule.
Sensi part A/B bloom 16mil per 1 gal of water
b52 4mil
big bud 4mil
mother earth 4mil
rino skin 4mil
nirvana 4mil
Sensizym 4mil
budcandy 4mil

I have been watering 3 cups per plant every other day. After flush i went to 4 cups and i switched from big bud to overdrive 4mil.
I hope this gives you enough info to help me, if you need more let me know, oh yes everyone ask about run off, yes i water to run off. Thanks in advance.

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How did you verify a flush?
Did you read your run off ppm? What was it.

Also did you give a full feed after those two days of flushing?

It’s clearly calcium deficiency but lockout can cause that.
Best to always flush down to like 300ppm and then don’t wait 24hr or anything give a full feed same as you were feeding but up the cal mag.

Advanced nutrients doesn’t have a cal mag specific product and while I know their products a bit I don’t know them by heart.
So you can either look at the nutrient analysis and find what has the most cal mag in or you can go get a cheap cal mag bottle and just add it. To your feed.

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Hey Im not familiar with the nutes you’re using but looks like you need some cal- mag. Also do you have a ppm pen and ph pen, what are you run off numbers ?

with Advance Nutrients they are ph balancing, so i m not worried about the ph, havent had any issues with that since i have been using them. I said the same thing about the cal-mag, but when i contacted advance nutrients they said it was lock out, and i don’t see that here.

I don’t have a ton of experience, but I use AN nutes.
It looks to me like you are using too much of everything.
I would suggest cutting everything for now except bloom A and B but only give them 12 ml per gallon instead. Once the leaves stop dying, get rid of the bad ones and if you must use some of those additional nutes just choose 1 or 2 most suitable for your plants current growth cycle, and use them sparingly, about 1/2 recommended dose.
Also, I put additives in prior to adding the A and B nutes so the additives will have a lesser chance of affecting PH in a negative way. (Might not be science, but I’ve had adverse effects after mixing in additives last)
Best of luck in saving your plants

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no i didn’t check the run off, i really don’t have a way to do that, the pots are up on cooling racks that you use in the kitchen and i am not able to get anything under it to catch the run off i just mop it up with a towel. I am gonna have to find a better solution to raising them off the ground for the run off. but for now this is what i have to work with. and in the past i haven’t had any of these issues. but this is my first time with these strains so i am learning new things. also with it beeing in week 7 do i have enough time to turn this around with some cal mag

Is this mostly at the top of your plants normaly a calcium deficiency starts at the top and what type soil are you using?

yes i donot see any near the bottom just the top and i am using happy frog. sorry should have mentioned that.

It sounds like it needs calcium or the PH is off .good luck that is where i would focus.

I didn’t know you were in happy frog soil. I’m pretty sure AN is made for hydro. I would run straight water first and then start watering with something like Big bloom/Tiger bloom made for soil. Those are fox farm nutes, not AN.
And only use 3/4 the recommended dosage. :+1:t3:

Looks like nute burn to me with emphasis on Mg. Not knowing the solution concentration of your supplements I can’t really offer any help.

My suggestion would be flush half strength A & B, B52, Overdrive, and Cal-Mag. At 6.8 PH.

Your pretty close to harvest, so it maybe a little late on this grow.

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As I was wondering what ppm in/out was as reading along. Thumb eyeball method i would also say looks like a calcium issue, but calcium deficiency usually comes on slow and progresses to something like this. However, 44ml/gallon does seem high and phosphates will absolutely lockout calcium. So the info provided by an could be accurate. I just don’t believe info to argue otherwise has been made available anyway.

Also, you wouldn’t be the first person to struggle with ph on ph perfect nutrients. Over the years I would say has been love hate relationships, and plenty of both. I refuse to pay that much for watered down nutrients so I’ve never used.


oh i did my research before i started using AN, and you can use them with soil, they also have a coco line.

thanks, i was thinking the same, am i going to loose this harvest is my question.

these were the first nuts that i started using and i am not sure what else is out there. I haven’t been impress with fox stuff, and its a freaking maze to try and navigate to figure out which nuts are the best. I have spend endless nights searching the internet trying to figure out the whole which nuts are best. at the end of the day i just stuck to the devil i knew until this round. I have not had any issues like this before but again its different strains. so just goes to show you have to stay on top of things.

Try 5 gallon buckets or pots with with extra large trays as all that water on the floor ain’t good.

There is no best. Maybe better in certain situations, there is definitely a scale of cost, and most would agree some are significantly easier to use than others. But once you separate organics and synthetics, all companies are pretty much using the same stuff. You may need 10 bottles from one company or 3 bags from a different company, but the stuff that makes the 10 bottles or 3 bags is basically the same. As far as base nutrients are concerned anyway.


I reckon its more of a potassium or phosphorus def as ur plants would be eating alot of potassium and phosphorus in flower