This baby ready

Auto flowering white widow 12 weeks and 1 day old. Did have a lot of crystal, today crystals kinda gone looking, photos few days ago.
Is it time to harvest.


Certainly looks close, but would need to look at the trichomes to be sure.


Omgoodness for the life of me i can’t figure out how the hell y’all getting them plants to be so small … how …??


Too much light at the wrong time will squat your plant.
Not enough water during veg can make a plant small.
Not enough nitrogen during veg will leave you with a smaller plant. Overwatering early on will reduce the amount of roots in the pot witch can give you a small plant.
Lastly, keeping in a 1 gallon pot can make for a smaller plant also.


I can see trichmomes with magnifying glass , but need something stronger, just what you all use . Dam those things are small.
Jewel mag glass???
Something special

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I use this type of jeweler’s loop. I stick it to my phone with double sided tape. I also have a Bluetooth remote so you don’t jiggle the phone while taking the pictures. Happy growing and Harvesting :blush::v:


I just use a 60x microscope off eBay. Cheap. My buddy gave me a usb microscope, and it works good, but kind of hard to use.